Tips to get more likes on Facebook

In this article we are going to give you small tips to get more likes and followers on your facebook account

Tips to get more likes on Facebook

If you are one of those who manage a Facebook page (personal, work, blog and a long list of available options), I'm sure that you have asked yourself "how can I make my page more likes".

The answer is not easy, since it depends on many factors. However, today we are going to bring you the three main ways to win "I like" in the most famous social network in the world.


It's the basic one and the one that even Facebook proposes to you. Investing in advertising within the platform will get more "likes". Does it really happen or is it a hoax as the bad tongues tell? Well the first, without a doubt: a little that you spend 50 euros on advertising, the hundreds of "likes" will reach the account.

It should be noted that users who click on your profile are not bots, but real accounts. In fact, the mechanism is exactly the same as the one you will have suffered on some occasion: suddenly you get a page that you do not follow in the timeline and you see a little sign that says "Advertising".

There are two types of content advertised: the one of the entries or the one of the page in general. With the first one you get a publication that has a lot of impact, while with the second the page itself is promoted. Our recommendation? That you choose the second option, since the ratio of "likes" obtained is greater. A piece of advice that I'm sure you appreciate.

Put quick access

This trick always works and hardly takes place: put access to the Facebook page in the header and bottom of your web page. Let's take an example. You have a stationery and you want everyone to have you on the Facebook page, since there you keep in touch with the users permanently and constantly. It is best to place the classic button of the social network you use, either in the top or bottom.

Many people can enter directly to your portal from Google or other search engines, so by placing the button you ensure that that user has you located forever. In Intarcesoft, for example, we have it located in the lower left. Likewise, in the left side margin appear the icons to share the article consulted in the social network that you most want.

Kingdom Likes

If the two previous methods have not finished convincing you, this one will: Kingdom Likes. This web page hides a community that is responsible for promoting different profiles and accounts of YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Its mode of use is very easy. It is only necessary to register with the shift email (look at "unwanted" when corroborating the account, by the way) and add the Facebook page that you want to promote. The mechanism is as simple as that you have to get points to later exchange them for likes. And how do you get points? Then watching videos or clicking on "I like", precisely, on other pages (today for you, tomorrow for me).

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    Tips to get more likes on Facebook

    Tips to get more likes on Facebook

    In this article we are going to give you small tips to get more likes and followers on your facebook account

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