Problem of the 8 queens in VB.NET and CSharp

This article deals with how to solve the problem of the 8 queens in a chessboard

Problem of the 8 queens

The problem of the eight queens is a pastime in which eight queens are put on the board without being threatened. It was proposed by the German chess player Max Bezzel in 1848. The game of the 8 queens consists of putting eight queens on a chessboard without being threatened between them.

In this article we offer a more visual solution to this problem using computer software. In the small program we did we can see the combinations that the computer uses to find the results. At the end, all the solutions found are listed.

The operation is very simple, it scans every square of the board, you can see which is checking because the letter "r" is placed, if in that position there is no queen or not in the path of movement of another queen is assigned to That position with the letter "R".

In summary:

[R]: Box where possibly the queen will be assigned.

[R]: Box with assigned position of queen.

[.]: Box marked as a path of queen movement.

The algorithm that is used is not the most efficient, but if we use pure brute force (a well-known algorithm among programmers).

It is developed in VB.NET and C# in console mode, making it easy to read and study.

We had a lot of fun developing it and well below you can download the source code and the executable.

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Download Zone:

Compiled program:

download here totally free

Source code:


download here totally free


download here toatally free

Completely free of viruses and malicious software, so do not wait any longer to download it now.

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    Problem of the 8 queens in VB.NET and CSharp

    Problem of the 8 queens in VB.NET and CSharp

    This article deals with how to solve the problem of the 8 queens in a chessboard

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