How was made

In general, we describe how we update this popular game gorillas.bas.

Gorillas.Bas in VB.NET

Inspired by this game, many people from the 80 start (including us) his career in computer programming and that is why Intarcesoft team made him a little tribute to this rather original game.

To do this we decided to follow the following premises:

1. Whenever possible, use the original code.

2. Do not use external libraries, it only offered natively in the language.

3. The user interface equal to the original.

One of the main challenges in updating using the original code base was that it is designed to be mono-task. That is, it is not like the current games where the scene is painted again and again by the thread painting, calculations of motion are another, the user interface is another and thus multicore processing is used current CPU. In case of Gorillas is very different.

Gorillas in accion

In Gorillas the scene is painted, is calculated and user events are captured in a single main thread, the pauses between various parts of the game is relegated to the INPUT instructions or expected pressure or keys with INKEY$. The latter two today are asynchronous; ie, such as the case of Google search engine, who does not expect the user to finish typing what you are looking for starting the search process.

To resolve this situation two main threads, yarn and thread original code that receives user events were created. Thus the thread slave original code is what tells the user event thread. This method is can be seen in the source code.

Sprites GorillasSprites of Gorillas

Another important thing when making the game were the graphics. In the original game these were painted with lines, circles and squares with colors and shapes with the instruction POINT were filled, only to be captured with DATA. In our case, only the samples of the images of the game's characters were taken and Sprites were made.

GDI + graphics engine was used respecting the original philosophy of the game, which is learning the tools that natively offers language and give simplicity for compression. The only difference is that a graphic buffer was used in our game, because if the window is hidden or minimized should repaint the whole scene.

Something similar was done with playing sounds, except that there is no longer the old PLAY instruction and that is why the original sounds were recorded in wav formats and run with native functions leguaje.

In this way it was possible upgrade in philosophy, core, and in this spectacular game graphic. We only hope that like the GORILLAS.BAS, this game will serve to play and learn about the world of computer programming.

Gorillas GameOver

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    How was made

    How was made

    In general, we describe how we update this popular game gorillas.bas.

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