Engine ecuations in vb.net

In this article we describe how to use a small motor equations. You can download the source code for learning.

Engine equations in VB.NET

In my student days engineering among many equations that had to remember, clear and calculating, I found it very useful function of my Casio calculator called "Function". This "Function" were just a small program responsible for extracting the variables of an equation or function, ask what value you wanted to assign him and then perform the calculations. Thanks to this development I decided to implement something similar, but for PC, and clear; Basic .Net Language do.
Searching the internet I found the work of Ramiro Alcocer, which offered a small system based on Visual Basic 6 that realized by using a class, recognition of variables and arithmetic management. In this way and with a few improvements to their work, perform an engine for handling equations called "Equation".

Motor Equation

This engine numerically solves equation and an inserted only consists of a class called Equation. In addition to the conversion language of arithmetic, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric usual logic programmed by Ramiro, my work consisted of the following:

• Automatic Call and smarter. The system is solved with only two procedures call.
• Error control using events.
• List of unknown variables. The engine returns a collection of unknown variables.
• Some math improvements such as:
• Processing Random Number
• Management unassigned variables between and

So finally all I stay simplified to the following:
1. The equation is written in the property
2. Analyze calls the sub, which establishes the priority list and variables.
3. For the list of variables defined in the equation call ListaDVariables
4. It calls the <Solution> and READY! It returns the result.

If an error is incurred, the engine triggers an error event that informs the client object without stopping program execution.

Important notes:

• the base system for the clearance of equations was not included, although I have not developed completely.
• They are already included the names of "variables" "pi" and "e" do not use in equations as though they are treated as variables when calculating their values ​​will be replaced by their counterparts in constant.
• For more information on functions, read the .doc attached to the archive.
• They can be used both long and short names for variables; for example, Alpha + Beta or only A + B.
This little engine is designed for educational purposes so they can modify it, read it and implement it without any restrictions; but yes, we highly appreciate credits include within its software. Finally, I am not responsible for damages of any nature by use or implementation without my consent.
Download the source code by clicking:

Reprogrammed ADJUSTED
Ing. Alfredo Garcia
Version of September 1, 2008
For Basic .NET
IntarCE Soft Inc.
Ramiro Alcocer
email: valcoey@hotmail.com
For Visual Basic 6.0



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    Engine ecuations in vb.net

    Engine ecuations in vb.net

    In this article we describe how to use a small motor equations. You can download the source code for learning.

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