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Learn the basics of programming and get a sound theoretical foundation for the programming world


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Learn the basics of programming and get a solid theoretical foundation for the world of programming

Programming consists of solving problems through code, so the model, pattern or paradigm followed to solve this problem assumes the theoretical basis necessary before starting to program. This course addresses the concept of paradigm in programming, its types and classifications and aims to lay the theoretical foundations necessary for anyone who wants to better understand the bases of programming and the creation of software.
Presentation and introduction to programming paradigms

In this chapter we will see the main contents that we will tackle throughout the course and the explanation of what a paradigm is and how we can accommodate the word by referring to programming.

Presentation of Fundamentals of programming: Paradigms 04:33
What is a general level paradigm 05:11
What is a programming paradigm 05:15
Use a programming paradigm 04:57

Classification of programming languages

In this module we will analyze the different forms that exist to be able to classify the different programming languages, since we have different classifications available depending on the needs.

High and low level languages ​​in programming 05:49
Imperative and declarative languages ​​in programming 05:16
Languages ​​interpreted and compiled in programming 05:39
Programming language in Java 03:37
Client-side and server-side languages ​​05:20

Paradigm of programming Structure

In this section we will know the paradigm of programming Structure and what is the role that this paradigm plays in the training and learning of a programmer in the initial phase of their learning.

  •     Structured programming paradigm 05:41
  •     Languages ​​that support the structured paradigm 02:12
  •     Paradigm of structured programming, the first paradigm 02:21
  •     Examples of problems with structured programming 02:34

Object-oriented programming

In this module we will know the paradigm of object-oriented programming or also known as POO. We will study its main characteristics and the concepts that are part of this paradigm.

Object oriented paradigm 04:31
What is a class in object oriented programming 06:18
Create an object with object-oriented programming 03:58
The concept of inheritance in programming 05:43
The polymorphism in object-oriented programming 04:37
Advantages of object-oriented programming 02:23

Logical and functional programming

In this chapter we are going to talk about two paradigms of programming, the paradigm of logical programming and the paradigm of functional programming and we will mention why they are, in many cases, working at par.

Paradigm of functional programming 06:02
Logical programming paradigm 06:37
How to solve problems with the functional paradigm in POO 05:08
What solves the logic paradigm in POO 03:34

Web programming

In this chapter we will tackle one of the paradigms most implemented today in the world of programming, web programming. This is probably considered the paradigm of programming with the fastest growth of all the paradigms.

-The web paradigm in programming 06:59
Technologies in the web paradigm 05:43
Front end languages ​​and back end 05:13

Recommendation and farewell

In the last module of this course we will share recommendations for the student and we will take some small steps to make the most of the course. We will say goodbye to the student, thanking them for their confidence and time in taking this course.

Learn more about the paradigms 04:42
Farewell Programming Fundamentals: Paradigms 03:18

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Course Fundamentals of programming Programming Paradigms

Course Fundamentals of programming Programming Paradigms

Learn the basics of programming and get a sound theoretical foundation for the programming world

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