Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Course Productivity Shortcuts


In this advanced PowerPoint 2016 course we teach you how to increase your productivity by creating, reviewing and sharing presentations

Advanced 2016 PowerPoint Course Productivity Shortcuts

Improving your productivity and the optimization of work in PowerPoint 2016 are the two objectives of this course, we will find ways to insert, modify and organize objects, as well as tricks to manage text and optimize the presentation of slides, you will learn to use effectively the menus of the right button.

Inserting objects in PowerPoint

This first chapter of the course will be dedicated to the primary action of inserting objects, tables, images, figures, symbols, links, etc ...

    Insert images online 01:37
    Insert and quickly format a table 04:46
    Insert spectacular titles with Word Art 01:14
    Insert screenshots 01:16
    Insert custom shapes 03:23
    Insert a graphic in PowerPoint 02:53
    Unlimited, free and high quality photos 02:33
    Everything is more fun and attractive with Smart Art 03:17
    Insert blank slides, without frames 02:17

Modify format to objects

In this chapter we will see the tools and shortcuts to perform tasks related to the format applicable to figures or shapes, images and text boxes; We will see an interesting collection of tips.

    Reset image to original size and format 01:25
    Adjust sharpness, brightness and contrast of images 03:11
    Convert an image to monochrome 01:29
    Applying artistic effects in PowerPoint 02:03
    Quickly apply style to a figure 01:59
    Delete all the format of a text 01:33
    Remove the background to an image 01:31
    Provide 3D effects to images 03:13

Organize objects in PowerPoint

Group, align, distribute, change size, change layer, hide, etc. All these are possibilities that we have when managing objects, organize them and arrange them in our slides.

    The command group Organize 05:10
    Hide objects to work more comfortably 03:30
    Using the guides and the grid lines 02:55
    Organize objects with quick guides 02:36
    Quickly adjust the slide to the screen 01:14

Managing text in PowerPoint

In this chapter we will offer some tricks and shortcuts regarding text handling.

    Change the direction of the text in PowerPoint 01:53
    Manage text within boxes 04:03
    Convert text to superscript or subscripts 01:44
    Insert bullets that are images 01:04
    Hide orthographic check marks 01:28
    Easily change all the sources 02:02
    Write paragraphs with several columns 01:45
    Insert footer data in slides 02:55
    Introducing Text with AutoCorrect 02:25

Utilities for slide presentation

This section will be dedicated to some shortcuts and productive commands that are directly related to the presentation of the slides of our PowerPoint, either with a screen or using the view of the moderator.

    Automate tasks with action buttons 03:38
    Apply a transition to all the slides 01:32
    Avoid pop-up buttons in presentation mode 01:32

Context menus in PowerPoint

This chapter will be devoted to describing the main commands of the main contextual menus that emerge under different circumstances when clicking with the right mouse button.

    Context menu for text boxes 04:06
    Context menu for images 03:33
    Context menu for forms with PowerPoint 05:54
    Context menu for the slide background 03:22
    Context menu for the slide strip 04:08

Other utilities and shortcuts

In this last chapter, we collect here a series of shortcuts and productive commands that have not been previously classified.

    Create presentations as templates 03:55
    Password protect our presentation 01:37
    Delete metadata from a PowerPoint file 02:13
    Manage recently opened presentations 02:19
    Choose a default location to save 01:51
    How to reduce the size of our presentations 02:55
    Save the sources within the presentation 01:43
    Customize the quick access bar 02:35
    Save ink when printing PowerPoint slides 01:36
    Use the slide sorter 00:51

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    Size: 538 MB
    Spanish Language
    Formators: José Manuel Pomares
    Content: 49 Videos
    Duration: 2:03 hours
    Software: Office, Office 2016, PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2016
    Base Files: IF contains
    Date of publication: Mar 23, 2017
    Company: Video2Brain

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    Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Course Productivity Shortcuts

    Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Course Productivity Shortcuts

    In this advanced PowerPoint 2016 course we teach you how to increase your productivity by creating, reviewing and sharing presentations

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