Course How to choose fonts


Learn how to choose fonts for your projects. Find out what each typeface counts and how to choose them for your works

Course How to choose fonts

Information about: How to choose fonts
Learn how to choose fonts for your projects. Find out what counts each typeface and how to choose them for your works

Enric Jardí is a Graphic Designer, expert in typography and Editorial Design. In this course you will learn how, why and in what way to choose the most appropriate fonts for your projects. Enric will explain how to work with them, showing you the most common mistakes made when using them and how to avoid them.

You will learn to use the letters, not to design them. Enric will teach you to look at them in a new way, without long lists about their parts and classifications, but understanding their origin and why they are so, knowing the reasons for choosing them, how to combine them, how to get them and manage them.

You will become an expert selecting fonts from A to Z.


You will start knowing a little more about the work and the influences of Enric Jardí.
Then you will learn to analyze a text understanding how it is done and if you can manipulate it distinguishing if the text is editable.
Then you will learn the key concepts about readability, uppercase, lowercase, large and small texts. You will discover the different typographic families that exist and you will get into the history of 20th century letters and the characters of the alphabet. In addition, Enric will spend some time explaining the best types for paper and screen.
At this point, you will know what "tells us" each typography as observers, how to combine them, work in OpenType and tips to avoid. Before finishing, you will also see several real works and you will know some practical and legal considerations about the management of sources in your computer that will come to you very well for your professional day to day.


Following everything learned during the course, you should choose a series of typographies for the publication of a newspaper working with a complex and flexible hierarchical structure.


This course is aimed at both graphic design professionals and the editorial world who work every day with typography, either in print or digital media, as well as those who, without having much experience in the subject, want to learn a little more about typography and its operation.


Although some advice is given on handling text in InDesign, Illustrator and management of fonts in Macintosh OS that will be useful to professional graphic designers, no special knowledge in typography is required.



1. Introduction


2 How is the text

Choose a way to write the words
How should we look at the letters
Readability: uppercase and lowercase

3 Choose fonts

Legibility: small texts and large texts
The family
The letters of the twentieth century
The characters of the alphabet
Types for screen

4 More reasons to choose fonts

What the guys tell us
More guys who tell us things
Combine types
Other letters you should know
How to obtain and manage sources

5 Two case studies

Letters for a logo
Letters for a newspaper

Final project

How to choose fonts

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Instructor: Enric Jardí
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Size: 994 MB
Content: 17 Videos
Duration: 3h 42m
Level: Initiation
Additional resources: NOT Included
Date of publication: 2016
Company: Domestika

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    Course How to choose fonts

    Course How to choose fonts

    Learn how to choose fonts for your projects. Find out what each typeface counts and how to choose them for your works

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