Game 0 A.D. Alpha 21 Ulysses


Genre: Strategy / License Free (GPL) / Version 0.0.21


0 A.D. Is a real-time strategy game oriented to conquest and historical warfare, which is directly inspired by 'Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings', possibly one of the best titles of its kind in history.

The development of a game of 0 A.D. Is exactly like that of a game of the aforementioned 'Age of Empires II'. That is to say, we will start with a few villagers and a unit of exploration, and our objective will be to construct a great city full of buildings, walls and defensive elements; That serves as capital to either annihilate the other opponents, or ensure their friendship.

To build buildings, improvements and units we will need resources. Meat, stone, wood and metal will be the main ones, which we can never miss, and for which we will have to have our villagers working constantly.

In 0 A.D. We will find nine different civilizations with which to play, including Greeks, Romans, Persians or Bretons. Each of these factions has its own buildings, its own advantages, its own units. Everything is personalized and carefully detailed so that it represents in the best possible measure the historical reality of each side.

Although 0 A.D. Started as a mod of 'Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings', soon became an independent game with its own graphics engine. And it shows. 0 A.D. Has a very solid visual section, which is much closer to that of the third installment of the franchise 'Age of Empires'.

0 A.D. Is an outstanding, open source, and free real-time strategy game. In addition, despite being at a very early stage of development, it already offers a game experience far superior to many other commercial titles.

System Requirements:

Version: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: 1 GHz Intel or x86 compatible
Memory: At least 512 MB
Graphics Card: Any supporting OpenGL 1.3 with 3D hardware accelerated drivers and at least 128 MB memory, e.g., Radeon 9000, GeForce 3, or similar
Screen resolution: 1024×768 or above

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    Game 0 A.D. Alpha 21 Ulysses

    Game 0 A.D. Alpha 21 Ulysses

    Genre: Strategy / License Free (GPL) / Version 0.0.21

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      on 07/01/2020
      tiene trucos como los de age of empire? Answer:
      Si tiene, puedes verlos en:

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