Asteroides VB.NET and CSharp- Free Download

Asteroid game available for free download. Developed in VB.NET.

Asteroids VB.NET/C# Version 0.9

This time we bring you the game Asteroids. Very popular among lovers of classic video games.

pantalla de juego de asteroids

For those who do not know what Asteroids is, basically it is a vector based game, where the objective is to shoot and destroy asteroids avoiding hitting the fragments of these. It was one of the most popular games of the Golden Age of arcade video games, and was developed by Atari.

You can see more information on Wikipedia about Asteroid.

Functions in Asteroids

For now it is in version Alpha 0.9, some of the features of the game included are:

-> Execution of original sounds.

 -> Movement of the fluid ship with the arrows of the keyboard.

 -> Shooting with spacebar.

 -> Collision of the ship with the asteroids.

 -> Collision of the bullets with the asteroids and their subsequent division in two.

 -> Rotations of objects in real time.

 -> Use of 100% polygons. There are no sprites.

 -> Simple mechanics of the game menu.

What else is missing?

Game mode: Implement, the system of lives, points, levels of difficulty.

At this time you can only shoot and destroy asteroids as a GOD! You are indestructible.

Enemy ships. There are not the classic spaceships that shoot us.


Developed in clear in VB.NET / C #, without the use of external APIS, only 100% Net Framework. The graphic engine is GDI and the sound engine is the WPF.

The polygon engine generates shrapnel in the form of rectangles in the explosions of asteroids and lines when there is a collision with the ship.

metralla en asteroids


What do you need to have to run this program:

- Operating System, Windows Vista or higher (runs very well in Windows 10)
- Net Framework 4.5
- Some space on the hard drive.

How to install ASTEROIDS

This program does not need installation, unzip everything in a folder that you create on your computer's hard drive.

Try that the folder is only for the game.

An example can be: create a folder on the desktop called ASTEROIDS and extract the elements there.

IMPORTANT: Do not copy the game in the Program Files folder or in a System folder. It will not work correctly.

Download Asteroids VB.NET/C# Free

Download the free Alfa version of Asteroids VB.NET at the following link:

Download Asteroids VB.NET/C# Free

Source Code in:
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As always, it does not have malware or malware or malicious software.

Demo video


Muy buen inicio

Excelente, graficos excelentes

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    Asteroides VB.NET and CSharp- Free Download

    Asteroides VB.NET and CSharp- Free Download

    Asteroid game available for free download. Developed in VB.NET.

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