Word 2016 advanced: Forms


Learn to create interactive forms with Word 2016 that the user will fill in later. We will see the operation of the form controls and what is their objective.

Advanced 2016 Word Course: Forms

Learn to organize the information through tables, to which we will format, making the form acquire a professional aspect. We will create creation blocks and insert them in the form to enrich it. Once the design is finished, we will protect the form and test it to see that everything works correctly, we will save it as a template and share it with other users.

Getting started with Forms in Word 2016

    What is a form Examples 03:54
Compatibility of forms with other versions of Word 02:19
Show and know the Developer tab 02:00
How the form data is collected 01:52
Office templates to create forms 03:40
Use tables to organize the form fields 06:47
Format the tables of the form 05:00

Insert controls in a Word 2016 form

    Overview of the controls of forms 04:04
Form control for text fields 07:53
Controls lists for forms 06:10
Insert checkbox controls 04:18
Date selection control 04:17
Insert a content control for repeat sections 04:55
Insert an image control in a form 02:57

Use creation blocks in the forms

    What are creation blocks and what are they for 04:43
Create and save building blocks 05:27
Insert building blocks in a form 04:34


Test, protection and sharing of the form with Word 2016

    Protect the form 04:18
Check the spelling before saving the form 01:35
Save the form as a template 05:25
Share the form with other users 03:09
Convert a Word form to PDF format 04:20
Challenge: Create and protect a form 02:23
Solution: Create and protect a form 08:40
Conclusions about the creation of forms 02:27

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Duration: 1:47 hours
Software: Word, Word 2016
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    Word 2016 advanced: Forms

    Word 2016 advanced: Forms

    Learn to create interactive forms with Word 2016 that the user will fill in later. We will see the operation of the form controls and what is their objective.

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