Word 2016 Advanced Course Mail Merge


Discover this powerful Microsoft Word tool in this new advanced Word 2016 course.

Advanced 2016 Word Course Mail Merge

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Discover this powerful Microsoft Word tool in this new advanced Word 2016 course.

Learn how to use the mail merge in Microsoft Word, a utility that allows you to manage and customize bulk mailings from a user database, such as Access, or a spreadsheet, such as Excel. Learn how to use this functionality to create mails, letters, envelopes or labels quickly and automatically.

Introduction to Merge mail in Word 2016
We begin the course with an introductory chapter that will serve to put in context the general lines of the same and define the concept of combining correspondence. This section will also serve to introduce us to the subject with a practice.

What to know about the combination of Microsoft Word mail 03:11
Choose the type of Word document to combine 01:54
Choosing where variable data comes from in Microsoft Word 04:11

Prepare the data to combine correspondence in Word
In this section we will know the different ways we have to provide the information of the recipients of our correspondence. We will also learn to assign fields to understandable labels for Microsoft Word.

Create a database for recipients with Word 04:58
Merge mail using Outlook contacts 02:24
Microsoft Access as a data source 02:09
Mail Merge using Excel spreadsheets 02:22
Check the names of columns or fields in Microsoft Word 03:48

Set up a personalized letter with Microsoft Word
Fully immersed in the configuration of a letter, we will discover how to shape it by inserting the elements that make it up. We refer to the postal address, greeting and other fields.

Insert address blocks in Microsoft Word 04:32
Insert greeting lines in Microsoft Word 02:38
Insert merged fields in Microsoft Word 01:58
Simulation of a mail merge in Word 01:34
Finish Word mail merge 03:18

Emails, envelopes, labels and directories in Microsoft Word
Once we have started learning to combine correspondence for documents that can be letters, it is also possible to customize the recipient data of other elements such as mail messages, envelopes, stickers and directories.

Send a personalized email to recipients from Outlook 09:37
Attach a Word document to an email 06:06
Create envelopes in Word by personalizing the recipient 06:25
Create labels with matching mail in Word 07:24
Create directories in Word with mail matching 05:02


Use rules and other advanced settings in Word
This section is reserved for certain advanced functionalities that can be used to combine correspondence. Among the most important is the ability to customize some data for some recipients or for all.

Enter the data of a Word field in a global way 05:04
Insert data from a Word field to specific recipients 07:40
IF THEN ELSE. Conditions for the combination in Word 04:52

Troubleshooting Microsoft applications
Combine mail is a tool that needs the intervention of Word itself and other applications such as Microsoft Access or Outlook. This circumstance causes that, sometimes, errors or incidents appear.

Some possible problems with Mail Merge 02:25
The problem of postal codes in Microsoft Excel 02:14
The problem of numeric formats in Microsoft Word 03:55
The problem of the percentage formats in Microsoft Word 03:53

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    Word 2016 Advanced Course Mail Merge

    Word 2016 Advanced Course Mail Merge

    Discover this powerful Microsoft Word tool in this new advanced Word 2016 course.

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