Word 2011 for Essential Mac


Word 2011 for Mac Course in which you can learn how to create professional documents with Word 2011 for Mac

Word 2011 for Mac essential

In this course you will learn the use of the essential tools to handle this famous word processor to create professional documents. Discover the main functions that you must know and handle day by day, such as the font and paragraph format, or the insertion of images, graphics and tables, creation and editing of texts, structuring a document with sections, as well as the correct configuration of the page and its printing.

Work area and basic file management in Word 2011

In this chapter we will learn to move comfortably through the application, we will see the basic management of files, open, create and save a new document or create documents based on the use of templates. We will also show you how to export a Word document to PDF format.

    Presentation of the interface of Word 2011 for Mac 04:40
    Create a new document in Word 2011 for Mac 04:27
    Opening and closing Word 2011 documents 06:42
    How to save documents in Word 2011 for Mac 03:29
    Share a Word document by mail 03:59

Writing and editing text in Word 2011 for Mac

In this chapter we will work with writing and editing text, making use of the most basic tools that will allow us to add text to the document, as well as delete it if necessary. Make a quick and effective selection of the text. We will see how to do it and the use of the undo tool.

    Entering text in a Word document 2011 05:23
    Text selection: Cut, Copy and Paste in Word 2011 05:20
    Use the Undo and Repeat command in Word 2011 03:20

Text format in Word 2011 for Mac

Apply formatting to the text, learn to change the size of the letter by modifying the type of font that comes by default, change the color of the text and the effects and apply styles or control the existing separation between the characters. We will show you how to insert special symbols that are not found on the keyboard and how to incorporate the date and / or time into a document so that it automatically changes.

    Font, size and style of text in Word 2011 07:09
    Character spacing in Word 2011 03:40
    Insert special symbols in the text of Word 2011 04:44
    Insert the date in the Word document 2011 02:57

Paragraph format in Word 2011 for Mac

In this chapter we will see how to format the paragraphs of a document, learning to change the alignment, control the indents and highlight paragraphs of our document with the use of bullets and numbering. We will see how to apply borders and shading to paragraphs as well as to organize texts on the page through the use of tabulations.

    Paragraphs in Word 2011: alignment and justification 03:29
    Spaced and spaced between paragraphs in Word 2011 04:37
    How to use indents in Word 2011 05:41
    Work with bullets and numbering in Word 2011 05:08
    Apply borders and shading to paragraphs in Word 2011 06:07
    Use of tabulations in Word 2011 07:10
    The AutoText tool in Word 2011 02:56

The page format in Word 2011

In this chapter we will learn to work with several pages in the same document, we will see how pages are created manually and how to work with sections that will allow us to apply different formats that affect the entire document or only the part of it that is necessary. We will also learn to modify the margins, the orientation and the size of the document, as well as to add headers and footers. We will also see how to create borders and page backgrounds, add watermarks and unify the format of the document with the use of the themes.

    Create and delete page breaks in Word 2011 documents 02:42
    Divide a Word 2011 document into sections 05:37
    Margins, size and page orientation in Word 2011 06:02
    Add the numbering of the pages in Word 2011 04:06
    Incorporate headers and footers in Word 2011 06:48
    Watermarks, backgrounds and page borders in Word 2011 06:05
    Create professional documents in Word 2011 02:38
    Distribute the text in columns in Word 2011 04:12

Work with images in Word 2011 for Mac

In this chapter we will see how to insert images in a Word document, we will know the tools that we have to deal with the images and that will allow us to change the color, the style, apply borders, cut them and we will see how to compress the images of the document according to the destination of the same, either the printing or the screen display.

    Ways to incorporate an image into a document in Word 2011 05:15
    Aligning images in the text in Word 2011 05:15
    Effects and styles of image in Word 2011 02:40
    Crop an image in Word 2011 03:04
    Delete the background to an image in Word 2011 04:18
    Compress the images of a Word 2011 document 02:22

Work with tables in Word 2011

In chapter we will see how to add forms and text boxes to the document, learning the use of the tools with which Word counts to modify its format. Also how to add text to a form and how to link several text boxes.

    Insert forms in Word 2011, align them and apply format 05:36
    Insert a text box in Word 2011 01:38
    Apply format to Word 2011 text boxes 03:15
    Link text boxes to each other in Word 2011 02:55

Work with tables in Word 2011

In this chapter we will see how the tables will help us distribute and organize the text within the document, we will show how to move and select data within the table to speed up the work, we will learn to modify the dimensions of the table by adding or deleting rows , columns and cells and we will see how to align the text inside the cells, apply formats and give the tables a final professional look.

    Ways to add tables to a Word 2011 document 04:06
    Scroll in a Word 2011 table and make selections 03:23
    Add and delete rows or columns in Word 2011 04:52
    Size of cells, rows and columns in Word 2011 04:03
    Alignment of table and text in a cell in Word 2011 03:35
    Merge and divide cells within Word 2011 02:14
    Borders and shading for tables in Word 2011 04:25

The Word 2011 SmartArt graphics

In this chapter, we will learn how to create and modify a SmartArt graphic and how to create diagrams so that we can give a more professional look at how to organize the data in the Word 2011 document.

    Insert SmartArt Graphics in a Word 2011 document 03:58
    Add or remove elements to SmartArt graphics in Word 2011 03:43
    Formatting a SmartArt graphic in Word 2011 03:37

Review, printing and using Word 2011 help

In this chapter we will learn to check the spelling and grammar of our document, we will also see how we can print our work, as well as how to use the help of Word 2011 for Mac.

    Correcting spelling and grammar with Word 2011 03:31
    How to print our work in Word 2011 04:11
    Using help in Word 2011 for Mac 03:17
    Farewell of the Word 2011 course for essential Mac 01:25

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    Formators: Isabel Fernández Gutiérrez
    Content: 51 Videos
    Duration: 3:35 hours
    Software: Office, Word, Office for Mac, Word for Mac
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    Date of publication: Feb 21, 2017
    Company: Video2Brain

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    Word 2011 for Essential Mac

    Word 2011 for Essential Mac

    Word 2011 for Mac Course in which you can learn how to create professional documents with Word 2011 for Mac

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