Windows 10 course for IT: administration


Learn to draw digitally and print your first illustration to several inks of homemade form


Learn how to manage Windows 10 from an IT perspective. Learn about the operating system editions and hardware requirements. You will also discover the new configuration interface, manage notifications, multitask, and manage group policies. When working with managed users, you can add users and add them to a domain. Backing up will keep your data secure, and you'll learn concepts such as data encryption or the solution to startup or network problems.

Windows 10 Editions

    What you should know to manage in Windows 10 01:32
    Description of the desktop versions of Windows 10 02:58
    Description of the mobile versions of Windows 00:55
    Other versions of Windows 10: for education and for IoT 01:25

Hardware and Drivers in Windows 10

    Features requiring specialized 02:57 hardware
    Installing and updating drivers in Windows 10 05:15
    Automatic Update Control 01:43

Configure and optimize Windows 10

    Windows 10 Configuration Interface Description 02:51
    We work with notifications and actions 03:58
    We manage multitasking and desktops in Windows 10.   03:57

Windows Group Policies 10

Working with Group Policies 01:56
What IS Group Policy Editor 02:36
Troubleshooting Group Policy 03:19

Windows 10 Authentication

Add domain users to a 02:12 PC
Adding Microsoft accounts to a PC with Windows 10 01:10
How to add local account users in Windows 10 02:26
Configure user-assigned access in Windows 10 01:18

Encryption in Windows 10

How do I manage BitLocker 05:24
Working with Encrypted File system (EFS) 04:29

Windows 10 Boot Process

Concepts about the boot process in Windows 10 04:05
Concepts and monitoring of the starting measured 02:31

Windows 10 Virtualization

How the Hyper-V client installation is in Windows 10 02:20
Windows 10 as a 02:51 virtual machine infrastructure

Networks in Windows 10

How to perform the Windows 10 04:34 network configuration
Use the control Panel to manage Windows firewall 06:24
Administer the Firewall using group Policies 02:12

Backup and recovery in Windows 10

About backup options in Windows 10 02:54
File history and previous versions in Windows 10 03:55
Backup and Restore in Windows 10 02:32
What it is and how it works reset this PC 02:48
Creating a 02:19 System image backup
Tips for backing up and restoring 04:56

Windows 10 Troubleshooting

Log files allow troubleshooting 05:45
Resource Monitor to diagnose 05:09 bottlenecks
How to fix startup problems in Windows 10 03:12
Troubleshooting Network 03:35

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    Date of publication: 08-Feb-2018

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    Windows 10 course for IT: administration

    Windows 10 course for IT: administration

    Learn to draw digitally and print your first illustration to several inks of homemade form

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