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This training is designed to facilitate the learning of this language from scratch to intermediate and advanced users of Excel without prior experience in programming.


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VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a perfect solution to expand the possibilities of Microsoft Excel when generating spreadsheets with maximum quality and professionalism. With VBA you can automate and accelerate many daily tasks in Excel and in this course you will discover how to write code routines applicable to your daily work. This training is designed to facilitate the learning of this language from scratch to intermediate and advanced Excel users without previous experience in programming.

Macros in Excel, first step towards VBA
The recording of macros is the starting form par excellence when it comes to addressing the learning of programming in VBA. This first chapter is mandatory for those who start.

Introduction. What is a macro 02:23
How to make a macro in Excel 2016 01:27
Where are the macros in Excel 2016 02:16
The developer tab in Excel 2016 02:55
Security of macros in Excel 2016 03:10
Save Excel 2016 files containing macros 01:36
Burn macros in the personal macro book with Excel 2016 06:16
Burn macros in a book with Excel 2016 04:13
Delete macros with Excel 2016 04:05
Assigning macros to buttons in Excel 2016 04:37

Approaching the inside of a macro in Excel 2016
We have to make the transition from recording macros to writing them autonomously. The VBA editor takes center stage and begins in this chapter the relationship with the written code.

The Visual Basic editor or IDE 04:12
Structure of a macro in Excel 2016 03:52
Ways to run a macro with Excel 2016 00:56

Starting to write VBA code
From now on we forget about the macro recorder and we should start learning the instructions to use them by writing our own programs. It is time to program seriously.

What it is to program in VBA 03:29
Objects in VBA 04:53
Methods in VBA 03:01
Properties in VBA 02:54
How to start writing a macro with VBA 01:42
Comments, indents and line breaks in VBA 03:19
Contextual aids to programming with VBA 03:02
The VBA help in Excel 2016 01:45

Examples of ready-to-use code in Excel 2016
A good way to start programming is with the help of ready-to-use code sequences within a macro. They are a solution to accelerate the utility of VBA in our daily work with Excel.

Code that can not be recorded by macros 04:16
Actions with ranges of cells with VBA 06:48
Actions with rows and columns with VBA 02:45
Actions with leaves in VBA 04:00
Actions with books with VBA 02:46
Actions with Excel in VBA 02:59
Give cell formats with VBA 04:07
Give number formats with VBA 02:45
Assigning macros to events with VBA 03:32

Manage errors in VBA
When something is not going well in the code, the execution of code stops and it is uncomfortable for the user. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to manage those errors, which will bring us closer to a truly advanced use of the VBA.

Errors in VBA 03:18
On Error Resumes Next 01:56
On Error GoTo 01:13

Variables in VBA
When we studied mathematics in school, we already studied the variables x and y, although in the context of solving an equation. In VBA we will also find variables, but we have to adapt the concept to the VBA world.

What is a variable in VBA 05:03
Declaration of value variables in VBA 02:21
Declaration of object variables with VBA 02:45

If ... Then ... Else and message boxes in VBA
Sometimes we need that the user of a program interacts with the execution of the code responding to some question or accepting an informative dialog box. In this chapter we will see how to carry it out.

If ... Then ... Else in VBA 06:11
Message boxes with and without variable in VBA 06:38
InputBox message boxes in VBA 04:35

Repetitive structures or loops in VBA
In VBA there are certain code structures that are very useful to save us many hours of programming. The loops are very practical, but you have to use them carefully if you do not want our macros to slow down too much.

The For ... Next loop in VBA 05:30
The Do While Loop ... Loop in VBA 03:45
The For Each ... Next loop in VBA 03:41

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    VBA Course with Excel 2016

    VBA Course with Excel 2016

    This training is designed to facilitate the learning of this language from scratch to intermediate and advanced users of Excel without prior experience in programming.

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