Unity 5 course for video games


In this course you will learn the necessary concepts to start creating your own video games with little programming knowledge.

Learn the concepts you need to start creating your own video games

The video game industry is a multidisciplinary area that involves various disciplines and is a big business. In this course you will learn the concepts necessary to start creating your own video games, gradually increasing complexity and exploring new ways of interaction with users, using Unity 5, because it involves elements in 3d, materials, Texturing, audio and programming needed for our first video game. With little programming knowledge, Unity helps you solve the main needs in the development of a video game allowing you to focus on the mechanics and visual elements you will use.

Course Content

1. Unity 5
During this chapter we know the Unity tool, which will allow us to create our video games and enter this fascinating world.

    What is unity presentation of the Unity interface customizing the Unity interface. Layout
    What is a GameObject
    Playing with the camera in Unity
    Creating 3d objects in Unity
    Unity Property Inspector
    Creation of PreFabs
    Creating scenes in Unity

2. Introduction to Unity Programming
In this chapter we will learn the basics of programming necessary to create our video games.

    My first Unity script
    Creating Variables in Unity
    Use of conditionalities in Unity
    Unity Loop Management
    Introduction to Unity Functions
    Understanding Unity's Scope
    Learning to use comments on Unity
    Vectors in Unity

3. My first 3d game with Unity
In this chapter we will create our first 3d game starting from scratch.

    Introduction to the 3d game to develop in Unity
    Creating the 3d Scenario
    Creating the player for 3d game
    Interaction with the 3d player
    Setting up the camera in our 3d game
    Interaction with the camera in the 3d game
    Detecting collisions in our 3d game
    Creating various collision objects based on a Prefabs
    We will build the interface of our 3d video game
    Showing a collision counter
    Publishing our 3d video game

4. Creating a Labyrinth in Unity
In this chapter we will create a maze game with progressive levels.

    Introduction to the maze game to develop
    Creating the base scenario of our Labyrinth
    Creating levels in the maze
    Creating the Labyrinth Player
    Controlling the maze player
    Customizing the camera of our maze
    Navigating the scenes of the Labyrinth
    Creating a time marker in the maze
    Adding details to our maze game
    Publishing Our Labyrinth

5. Creating a zigzag with Unity
We will learn how to create a video game using Unity, which requires the player speed and a lot of concentration.

    Introduction to the zigzag game with Unity
    Creating the zigzag Set scenario
    Creating the player in the zigzag game
    Customizing our zigzag video game
    Controlling the zigzag player
    Customizing the Zigzag Camera
    Creating collision elements in the zigzag
    Interacting with elements to collide in our zigzag
    displaying zigzag game information
    Publishing our Zigzag video game

6. Create a Space shooter with Unity
One of the most classic video games is a Space shooter. In this chapter we will see how easy and fun your programming is.

    Introduction to Space shooter game to develop
    Customizing the Space Shooter camera
    Creation of the ship and the stage
    Controlling our spacecraft
    We'll add the projectile that will use the ship
    We'll start shooting from the ship.
    We will link our projectiles to our ship
    Creating asteroids for our Space shooter
    Colliding with asteroids
    Rotating our asteroids
    Optimizing our Space shooter video game
    adding sound and particles to the video game
    We will show our game of Space shooter final
7. Video game development farewell with Unity
We said goodbye to the course by doing a little review of what we learned.

Farewell of the course video game development with Unity

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      Unity 5 course for video games

      Unity 5 course for video games

      In this course you will learn the necessary concepts to start creating your own video games with little programming knowledge.

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