Swift from scratch


Learn to program for iPhone, iPad and Mac with the Apple language

Swift course from scratch

Learn to program for iPhone, iPad and Mac with the Apple language

Do you want to develop applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and macOS (Mac)? Did you know that the App Store is the largest application store and the one that generates the most revenue each year? This course will teach you from scratch to program in Swift, the official language of Apple. Swift is Open Source, with the power of C-based languages, but expressive and fast. It can also be used in other environments such as Linux or Cloud Computing.

What will you learn?

     Programming with Swift
     The bases to program applications for iOS

What knowledge do you need?

   None, the course is from scratch. Swift can be your first programming language.

Swift content from scratch:

1. Class 1

     Introduction (see free)
     Xcode (see free)
     Playgrounds (see free)
     Introduction to PlayGrounds
     Example with playgrounds II
     Example with playgrounds III

2. Class 2

     Constants and Variables
     Variables and constants
     Multiple statements
     Arithmetic operations

3. Class 3

     Integer data
     Floating type data
     Text strings
     Concatenating text
     Working with text strings
     Boolean data and enumeration
     Multidimensional arrays
     Working with arrangements

4. Class 4

     Conditional structure if
     Conditional structure if else
     Switch conditional structure

5. Class 5

     Cycle for
     Cycle for II
     While cycle
     Cycle repeat while
     Final details

Technical data:

     Format: .MP4
     Resolution: 1280x720p
     Size: 1.24 GB
     Spanish Language
     Content: 5 Modules
     Basic level

See Catch

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    Swift from scratch

    Swift from scratch

    Learn to program for iPhone, iPad and Mac with the Apple language

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