Regular JavaScript Course Regular Expressions


Learn with this advanced javascript Regular Expressions course - Work with javascript in a more efficient and professional way

Regular JavaScript Course Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a mechanism that will allow us to evaluate text strings based on predesigned or self-generated patterns. Through special characters, such as parentheses, braces, brackets, asterisks, regular expressions will allow you to combine them to find just that coincidence that you were looking for and that programming in the conventional way would be more complicated to achieve. Regular expressions are present in almost all programming languages ​​and without a doubt it is a great resource that you must learn to exploit more the programming language that you are using, as well as facilitate your tasks of coding and optimization of the programs or applications that developments. Learn in this course to use regular expressions with javascript

Basics of regular expressions
In this module you will learn the basics of regular expressions: how they are planned, how they are used and how you can identify the patterns to perform more sophisticated evaluations and searches.

Set the work environment for the course 04:11
Meet and create your first regular expression 03:59
Test and evaluate your first regular expressions 05:55
Evaluate a set of characters with regular expressions 03:30
Using shortcuts for character groups 04:58
Coincidences and refusals of expressions 03:41
Work with special characters to repeat patterns 02:19
Optional patterns in regular expressions 02:01
Counting patterns of regular expressions 04:50

Know and group the patterns according to their types and functions
The patterns used in regular expressions can be grouped to give more power to the expressions and functions you use in your code to evaluate matches. You will learn how to perform this type of grouping and to take advantage of your regular expressions.

Non-case sensitive patterns 01:32
Learn to group patterns in subexpressions 03:33
Matches and groups using exec and match 04:35

Structure and order regular expressions
Like all code, the patterns need to have a special structure, which we can achieve by following some simple steps through certain operators and order in our code. Learn how the use of limiters and pipes help us to have more powerful regular expressions.

Limit words and text strings in a regular expression 02:01
Use of optional patterns in your regular expressions 02:53
Patterns at the beginning and end of an expression 03:53

Get the most out of your regular expressions
The object of regular expressions is very powerful and efficient to work with the application and the use of regular expressions, but it is not the only implementation that you can use because there are some variants that will be very useful in certain cases.

Meet and use the Replace method in text strings 04:41
Know and use the Search method in text strings 04:41
The LastIndex property within regular expressions 07:11
Cycles and evaluations in regular expressions 07:17

Most common use cases in regular expressions
As in any project, there are always cases that we encounter daily and everywhere. In this module, learn how to work with certain use cases to replicate them immediately in your project.

How to identify patterns to evaluate an email 09:18
User validation of Twitter using his account 02:01
Other cases of use of regular expressions 02:24
Final considerations of the course Regular Expressions 01:30

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    Regular JavaScript Course Regular Expressions

    Regular JavaScript Course Regular Expressions

    Learn with this advanced javascript Regular Expressions course - Work with javascript in a more efficient and professional way

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