React.js Course Develop a Real web application


Learn how to develop a real web application with React.js based on Components.

React.js Course Develop a Real web application Course

Learn how to develop a real web application with React.js based on Components.

Master one of the most used javascript libraries in Frontend web development and improve your professional skills

React is the most used library in the Frontend of the current web development. Many companies and Startups use it in their projects. Learn and master it will open a path of possibilities.

With this course you will learn to program web applications in a professional way with React.js from scratch.

In the end you will be able to develop a real web application, using a professional development environment, manage various routes and views and how to divide your application into small components with its logic, events and template.

It is a purely practical course. Throughout the course I will explain the fundamentals of React developing from scratch a web application where we will implement the entire React theory.

In this course we will see:

    How to configure Webpack to work with React, Babel and ES2015 without headaches.
    How to use CSS Modules to modularize your CSS based on components.
    How to create components and understand their life cycle.
    Differentiate between Statefull Components and Stateless Components.
    How to pass properties between Components and propagate events through them.
    How to create multiple views and routes using the latest version of React-Router.
    How to use forms and save data
    How to add social authentication
    Persistence of data with database
    And deployment in production using Firebase as Backend.



   Welcome and presentation of the course (2:28)
    Ecosystem of React.js (5:35)

How does React.js work?


    Dependencies to use

Development tools

JSX (5:46)
    Node.js (2:15)
    NPM (1:55)
    Babel (3:09)
    Webpack (1) (10:45)
    Webpack (2) (11:37)

ECMAScript 6 / ES2015

    Introduction to ES6 / ES2015 (8:29)

Development of the application

    Creation of the App Component (17:28)
    Component data communication (props) (1) (13:28)
    Component data communication (props) (2) (20:09)
    Managing the State (7:25)
    Event Management (5:14)
    Property 'key' in collections (6:12)
    Behavior of the 'this' object in Components (8:35)
    Handling Forms (7:22)
    Modifying the state of a Component through events (5:36)
    Adding functionalities (1) (14:28)
    Adding functionalities (2) (11:15)
    Adding functionalities (3) (9:41)
    Synthetic events


Creating routes with React-Router v4 (15:24)
    Routes based on components (1) (15:03)
    Component-based Routes (2) (9:34)

Good Practices in React

    Componentes Statefull y Stateless (6:00)
    Uso de PropTypes (15:54)

Integration with Firebase

    Creating a project in Firebase (6:21)
    Adding Social Authentication (6:38)
    Adding disconnect functionality (13:14)
    Adding persistence with database (1) (9:08)
    Adding persistence with database (2) (2:38)
    Deployment in production (5:21)


Webapp code

    Conclusions and farewell (1:08)

Technical data:

    Format: .MP4
    Resolution: 1280x720p
    Size: 1.09 GB
    Spanish Language
    Content: 31 videos
    Duration: Xh xxm
    Level: Beginner
    Base Files: If included

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    React.js Course Develop a Real web application

    React.js Course Develop a Real web application

    Learn how to develop a real web application with React.js based on Components.

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