Practical HTML5 Creation of a native and hybrid hotel web app


Learn to create native web applications that work on both PC and mobile

Practical HTML5: Creation of a native and hybrid web app for the hotel

The creation of operational web applications on both PCs and mobile devices is increasingly demanded, but mobile phone users usually prefer to use native applications. Let's see how to avoid this problem. We are going to create a web application for a hotel that offers the possibility to its customers to share services. The navigation can be from the browser, but it will share its code with a hybrid application, so that when we compile it, it becomes a native application for different platforms. With this workflow, you will save a lot of development time and expand the audience of your application.

Course content

HTML5, creation of a practical project

    Description of the HTML5 project 02:25
    What is the basis of the project: Angular and Ionic. 02:05
    Installation of Ionic 3 04:04
    HTML5 development tools 02:21
    Postman, the tool for testing 04:40
    About the push notifications 01:45
    Base files of the HTML5 course 01:21

Creating the application with Ionic 3

    Creation of the app based on a template 05:23
    Creation of the basic pages of the application 06:15
    Prepare navigation with the tabs 03:14
    Global modifications in the design: work with colors 08:00
    How to change color the active tab in Ionic 04:13

Communication with the server in Angular

    Creation of communication services with the API 02:52
    Charging the home off the tabs 01:55
    Login system: creation of a data-driven form 05:42
    Login system: making the login 06:59
    Control of errors in the service. Using toast 07:44
    Communication between form and service: data-driven form 07:45
    CORS: Access Control Allow Origin 01:48
    Complete the login. Local storage of the token 07:36
    Routing the app: step to the Activities screen 04:55

The API activity screen

    Information retrieval of activities from the API 04:33
    Authentication control in the app: Oauth2 headers 06:23
    Change of page from the service 05:20
    Generation of slides by binding 08:41
    Go to detail view of the API 02:13

Work with the detail view of the activity

    Loading detail data 03:42
    Layout of the view with ion-card 01:46
    Final CSS formatting of the view 01:45
    Using Modal Controller and modal screens 03:38
    Loading user data from the server 09:40
    Send to the API of the activity selection. User ID 10:01
    Resolution of errors in the view. Reloading data 03:18

Work with the section my activities

    Reception of activities data per user 04:17
    Creation of the list of activities 06:21
    See detail to communicate with the list of activities 01:13
    Slide application in the list of activities 02:34
    Elimination of activity with the service 02:58

User form with HTML

    Creation of the form template 02:39
    Program the form from the controller. Toggle and Select 04:30
    Add initial values ​​using data-driven form 04:53
    Sending user modification data 04:30

Implementation of push notifications on the mobile

    Integration of the plugin in the app 01:38
    Preparation of the notification system of notifications 03:56
    Configuring the app to connect to OneSignal 08:53
    Reception of push notifications 02:51
    Sending notifications from the app 11:36

Generation of the project for desktop

    Preparation of the project for the browser 02:13
    Using CSS to modify aspects in browser version 11:44
    Modification of the app to block notifications 01:57
    Control of templates through variables 01:20
    Compilation of the application for use in production 02:07

Technical data:

    Format: .MP4
    Resolution: 1280x720p
    Size: 684 MB
    Spanish Language
    Content: 52 Videos
    Duration: 3:56 hours
    Software: HTML, HTML 5
    Base Files: Yes Includes

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    Practical HTML5 Creation of a native and hybrid hotel web app

    Practical HTML5 Creation of a native and hybrid hotel web app

    Learn to create native web applications that work on both PC and mobile

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