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In this new course you will learn essential PostgreSQL. Start the creation and management of databases. This course will show you in detail the characteristics of PostgreSQL, and why it is an option so used nowadays.

PostgreSQL Essential Course

The continuous improvement of services is the last stage, transversal to all others, of the life cycle in ITIL 2011. This cycle asks questions about the implementation of improvements through the implementation of quality management methods. The service then proposes a method of construction of the improvements and a precise subprocess for its start-up. In this course you will see that everything focuses on the theory of Deming and the explanation of data accumulated in the preceding phases.

Address the improvement of services with ITIL

The services do not end with its deployment, but it requires a constant study on its operation to make them better, more subtle, faster and reduce their costs so that we adapt better to the ITIL philosophy.

Understand the purpose of this service 00:43
Measure to improve with ITIL 03:05

Identify improvement objectives

When it comes to improving services it is necessary to identify a series of very important objectives that will allow us to find those points, processes or situations in which our services are not behaving as well as they should or that simply do not comply with the SLA.

Recommendations in stages of the life cycle 00:41
Understand what needs to be analyzed and why 01:08
Implement quality management methods 01:06
Understand how to reach critical success factors 02:09
Launching a CSI record 02:10

Define the scope of improvement

The scope of the improvement allows us to measure the effectiveness of the changes made during the service improvement process, which allows us to establish a perfect balance between the effort of the improvement itself and the benefits obtained by it in our services.

Improve ITSM as a discipline 01:38
Improve services from start to finish 02:42
Improve components in ITIL 02:34
Getting to the maturity of the processes 02:04
Align the portfolio with the needs 01:20

Detail the six-step methodology

The six-step methodology is nothing more than a map that we have to follow to achieve our objectives during the service improvement process, so that with a series of marked milestones it will be much easier for us to carry out this analysis.

Understanding the ITIL vision 00:57
Know where you are 01:49
Know where you want to go 01:01
Determine how to get 02:14
Confirm the achievement of the objectives 00:59
Keep the initiative 01:36

The improvement of the seven points in ITIL

The improvement strategy of the seven points allows us, based on a series of questions and data collection, to present and use the information to be able to implement all those improvements in our services.

Identify the improvement strategy 01:24
Define what you need to measure 00:37
Collect data 01:26
Treat the data 00:58
Analyze the data 00:56
Submit and use the information 02:10
Implement improvements 00:53
Conclude the improvement of services with ITIL 03:29

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    PostgreSQL Essential Course

    PostgreSQL Essential Course

    In this new course you will learn essential PostgreSQL. Start the creation and management of databases. This course will show you in detail the characteristics of PostgreSQL, and why it is an option so used nowadays.

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