Photoshop for designers Typography effects


Learn to work with texts but generating effects that can only be achieved in a simple way using Photoshop

Typography effects with Photoshop. Create visually stunning texts

Whether you have been working with Photoshop for some time or have a basic knowledge, in this course you will discover new uses of common tools such as brushes, masks, strokes or filters and you will use others not as usual as 3D. This is not a course of typography or typographical techniques to use, nor is it a course of layout, here we will work with texts but generating effects that can only be achieved in a simple way using Photoshop, with which the results will be very gimmicky and visual. Once the techniques are known, modify the parameters used to achieve different results or, of course, generate your own effects, it will be very simple.

Introduction to Photoshop for designers: Effects with types

In this chapter we will attend the presentation of the Photoshop course for designers: Effects of typography, in which we will see what it will consist of and what we will find throughout all the videos that compose it.

     Welcome to Photoshop for designers: Effects with types 01:59
     Use of exercise files containing the course 01:35

Simple character typographical effects: first steps

In this chapter of the course I will show you the first steps and effects that we can achieve with typography and Adobe Photoshop, using very basic concepts, to later go into much more complex tasks.

     Illustrate a concept with layers of shapes and layer masks 06:55
     How to illustrate a concept with a clipping mask 01:38
     Modification of letters in an Adobe Photoshop document 03:52
     Add images and replace letters with photos in Photoshop 10:32
     Combination of texts and a black and white image 03:26
     How to generate a halftone effect in a text with Photoshop 03:14
     How to make a broken text effect with Adobe Photoshop 05:13

Text effects using easily blending modes

The modes of fusion open up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to applying them to make effects with the texts, and in this chapter we will see how to use these modes of fusion and transparency through different examples.

     How to illustrate a basic concept with a transparency 02:58
     Creation of a poster to advertise a font 07:30
     Create a blurry text with blending modes in Photoshop 04:25

Create effects to communicate concepts with typography

In this block we will see a series of videos in which we will learn to use combinations of typography, effects and filters, to illustrate concepts related to the same written word, using Adobe Photoshop.

      Combination of typography and forms: an effective result 08:21
      Using the scroll map in Photoshop files 06:01
      Create a chocolate effect applied to the typography 08:46
      Place a typography inside a concrete image 03:03
      Illustrate with the typographical fonts a basic concept 06:35
      Creating text printed on a torn paper with Photoshop 04:04


Create typographic effects using Photoshop masks

The typography will behave like any other design element, with which we will be able to generate different effects with it. Throughout this chapter we will see how we can create letters of smoke, fire, intertwine texts with other ornamental details and even give it the appearance of a crystal. The work process is similar in all cases and the results obtained are very visual.

     Creating a typography with a smoky or smoke effect 09:24
     Generation of a typography with a fire effect 06:57
     Create an interlaced typography with design elements 07:31
     How to create a broken glass text effect in Photoshop 08:31

Using custom brushes to create fonts

The customization of Adobe Photoshop brushes will allow us to create unique designs that enrich our work. A brush can take any shape we want, including typography, and throughout this chapter we will see various examples of this, from the creation of motifs of tree leaves of different colors to coffee or sand grains, all explained by very detailed way.

     Create a typography based on a personalized brush 11:18
     Generate a background with a brush that simulates coffee beans 08:26
     Create a brush with sand aspect to apply to texts 04:20
     Stroking a text path using a personalized brush 05:19

Generate typographical designs with retro or vintage air

We will not miss the truth if we say that vintage is fashionable. The old poster designs have an important visual impact and appeal to the general public. In this chapter we will learn how to make retro or vintage designs in a very simple way and using very few elements. We will be fundamentally based on the use of layers and some simple Adobe Photoshop tools.

Creating a vintage logo: main typography 07:03
Creating a vintage logo: design elements 05:00
Creation of a nostalgic logo: the third part 08:38
Typography with interior screenings: vintage posters 08:56
Create psychedelic text: working the guys one by one 05:30
Create psychedelic text: adjustments and final corrections 03:36
Poster of the Circus Type: applying typographical effects 04:42
Poster of the Circus Type: decorate with ornamental elements 08:52
Poster of the Circus Type: last retouches and aged look 04:05

How to apply the perspective of Photoshop in typography

The perspective in an image will make the sensation of depth greater. We can play with perspective in many ways, but in this chapter we are going to do it with typography, adapting it to the vanishing points of the original image in which we are going to write. With this we will achieve designs with perfectly integrated elements and with a greater visual richness.

     Distortion tool: how to create a perspective 10:33
     How to adapt a typeface to a specific perspective 03:36
     Use the Illustrator perspective mode in Photoshop 06:51


Photoshop 3D menu: generate three-dimensional effects

The 3D world has revolutionized the use of Adobe Photoshop considerably, since it will allow us to create three-dimensional effects in objects from the application itself. In this case we will see that these effects can be applied in the same way to fonts to achieve very visual results with very little work. This chapter is dedicated to this and we will see several examples in this line.

     How to create a three-dimensional effect in a typography 09:01
     Create a cutting effect of one typeface on another 06:23
     Use the vanishing point to get a perspective of the text 06:33

Typography effects of aging with Adobe Photoshop

This chapter will be based on the use of typography but assuming an aspect of aging. We will see how it is very easy to create this type of effects using the most appropriate tools, in this case the brushes to give an appearance of old and some filters that help us achieve that feeling of antiquity.

     How to simulate a knock effect with typography 06:27
     Creating an old typeface on wooden board 07:29
     Creating a typographical effect on aged wood 08:25

Create fill patterns from typographic elements

Throughout this chapter we will work with typography in a totally different way. We are going to use it to create fill patterns with which to work on our compositions. We will see that any letter or orthographic sign is susceptible of being converted into a motive and that the use of one or the other will give completely different results.

     Liquify filter to create a relief typographic effect 07:12
     Create a typographic background to apply in our designs 07:47
     Generate abstract patterns by using typography 05:09
     Effective typographical designs with orthographic signs 02:23
     Create backgrounds by using textured typography 05:49

Creating typographic effects using layers

Typography is not going to be used only to write texts. With it we can make very interesting compositions at a creative level and very simple from the point of view of workflows. In this chapter we will make some examples of design and typographic composition that will surprise both the result and the simplicity of the execution.

     Typographic designs using the multilayers of Photoshop 08:42
     How to generate an abstract design based on typography 08:16
     Creating a book cover with multilayer type 05:55


Representation of portraits and maps with typography

The typography will serve us much more than to write, becoming the main element of many designs. In this chapter we will learn to make portraits and maps through the application of letters and texts only. A really simple exercise but with some amazing results.

     Generation of volumes with texts in different sizes 03:54
     Creating a portrait with a handwritten typography 02:46
     Adapt typography to the profiles of a concrete object 08:13
     How to use typography to create a photographic image 07:30
     Clipping mask to create a portrait with typography 04:39

Photoshop abstract for designers: Typography effects

In this last chapter of the course Photoshop for designers: Effects of typography we will make a global review of this course of typographic effects with Photoshop, focusing on some of the aspects developed in previous videos.

     Farewell course, review and final recommendations 00:57

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    Photoshop for designers Typography effects

    Photoshop for designers Typography effects

    Learn to work with texts but generating effects that can only be achieved in a simple way using Photoshop

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