Photoshop CS 2017 Essential Course


Learn the essentials of Photoshop CC 2017. Discover the potential of the leading image retouching program. You will learn to use Adobe Photoshop from the first contact with the application to carry out more complex and automated processes.

Course Photoshop CC 2017 essential

This course is designed and structured to allow any user to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop from the first contact with the application to carry out more complex and automated processes. With a review of all those facets that the program puts at your disposal to get the most from the minute zero, this course is completely practical, so that anyone who has never opened the application can achieve optimal results and quality without owning A great amount of knowledge, neither of post-production nor of development.

Presentation of the course Photoshop CC 2017 essential

In this chapter we are going to give a general review to all the contents that we are going to develop along these video tutorials and we will also see how to use and what they serve the base files that accompany the course.

    Presentation of course contents Adobe CC 2017 02:15
    Basic files used in course development 01:04

Introduction to digital imaging and Adobe Photoshop CC

Before starting to work and taking advantage of an application, it is interesting to know the parameters and concepts that will make it work. In this chapter we will see a summary of all of them.

    Workflow in the process of digital photography 03:36
    Pixels, megapixels, resolution ... what they mean 07:17
    General review of the concept of color in Adobe Photoshop CC 04:00
    Channels and bits in Adobe Photoshop CC 08:04
    File formats and their use in Photoshop CC 06:08
    Review of general concepts acquired in chapter 03:17

The Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 workspace

The environment with which we are going to work is fundamental in any application to feel comfortable and obtain adequate results quickly. This chapter shows us what that environment is.

    New document and workspace in Adobe Photoshop 06:20
    Handling the palettes that make up the application 05:44
    Customize the application to improve its management 05:54
    Preferences that control the behavior of Photoshop 04:48
    Working with multiple documents is easy 05:10
    Contextual menus in Photoshop, all within reach of a click 03:17
    Layers in Photoshop, what they are and how they are used 04:47

The basic tools of Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

In this chapter we will look at the most important and basic tools of Adobe Photoshop that have daily use and are fundamental in the touch up both our photographs and the compositions made with this application.

    Select and manipulate images in Photoshop CC 2017 07:20
    Tools to paint areas of our images 05:08
    Write text in the image with the right tool 05:42
    Correct defects and imperfections in photographs 06:45

Automatic things that Photoshop CC can do for us

It has all happened to us that we do tedious, boring and repetitive tasks. Adobe Photoshop has a solution for this kind of work, and it will put us easy to use our time in other things than to be working face to face with the computer.

    We can save time and effort by using actions 04:55
    Photoshop CC 2017 has many automatisms 05:47
    From a few images we can create panoramas 05:14

Retouching images is an easy task if you know how

When we make our photographs and visualize them, we would always like to be able to retouch some characteristics of the photographs to improve them or modify them to the right extent. For this we are going to see what tools Adobe has available to us.

    Adjustment layers allow fast, quality retouching 06:40
    The filters allow us to modify our images 05:24
    Improving focus is something basic in photography 05:31
    Working all the parameters of an image at the same time 05:59
    Converting to black and white is a very easy task 05:35

Commands print and export for the web

Whenever we have finished creating a composition or retouching a photograph, we would like to teach it to the people around us to value our work. In this chapter we are going to see how we can do it.

    Prepare our images in Photoshop to print 09:09
    How to print on our own printer 03:54
    Prepare for the web and screens our work 10:35
    Batch work, volume processing, save time 04:59
    Adobe Photoshop CS 2017 Essential Course Farewell 02:10

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    Software: Photoshop, Photoshop

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Photoshop CS 2017 Essential Course

Photoshop CS 2017 Essential Course

Learn the essentials of Photoshop CC 2017. Discover the potential of the leading image retouching program. You will learn to use Adobe Photoshop from the first contact with the application to carry out more complex and automated processes.

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