Photoshop course for designers Creative filters


In this new Photoshop course for designers. Learn how to create creative solutions with Photoshop filters

Photoshop course for designers Creative filters

Learn to solve creative situations effectively and quickly. Learn to prepare the images to obtain the best results in a non-destructive way and with the possibility of modification whenever you want, using the intelligent object layers. Get more creative out of Photoshop filters.


General information about Adobe Photoshop filters

Before starting to work with the filters specifically, we will review a few general concepts that will allow us to streamline the workflow of them and, in that way, understand their operation in a much faster way.

 Use of Creative Filters course files 00:48

Design with creative filters in Adobe Photoshop 01:10

Filters: terms, keyboard shortcuts and menus 04:55

The importance of smart filters 04:00

Description of filter mix modes 01:37

Using filter masks 02:48

The order of stacking the filters 02:26



Creative approaches and defocuses

Any designer or creative must know how to use certain techniques of focus and blur to perform a series of effects that will allow us to accompany our creations in a very visual and striking way.

 Focus up the lines 06:54

Create an abstract background with the Bokeh 06:01

Using the Trace Blur filter 01:60

Create a rotation of stars with Blur detour 02:24

Creating abstract images with stroboscopic effects 05:30


 Art filters in Adobe Photoshop

Of course, Photoshop has a large number of filters that will give artistic effects to our images or compositions. Among them we should highlight the so-called Filter Gallery, where we concentrate a large number of them.

 General view of the Filter Gallery 04:23

Beyond the colored pencil 03:31

Convert an image into a cracked drawing 07:46

Convert an image into a drawing with torn edges 05:23



Adobe Photoshop filter gallery: Brush strokes

Inside the gallery of filters we will be able to find the brush strokes and inside them we will see different filters that will allow us to give some brush or charcoal finishes quite visual and that are very suitable for work within the field of design and photo retouching.

 The angular strokes filter 04:24

The Contour filter with ink 06:56

Sumi-e filter 05:45


Work with distortion filters

Within the filters are the effects of distortion. This set of filters what is going to do is drastically modify the positioning of the floors with which we are working, from bending them to zigzagging them or distort them with different parameters.

 Creation of a circular image with polar coordinates 08:02

Apply distortion filters to the layers of shape 09:15

Creation of veined paper with the Onda filter 04:28


Effective use of Pixelize filters

There is a set of filters called Pixelize where we will find a way to transform the content of the pixels that make up our photography to be able to perform different treatments on our images and get another type of different result.


Using color halftones for a black and white effect 04:34

Creating a line drawing with the Fragment filter 04:11

Experiment with pointillist techniques 08:23


Use of filters Interpret

In this chapter we will see how the different filters that we find inside the interpret tab work. With them we will be able to work in some cases the lights and even also generate flames, perform lighting effects and other different processes.

 Creating a wood effect with Fibers 04:39

Creating textures with the filter Clouds 03:35

Using lighting effects with a texture 05:57

Creating a patchwork effect 04:53



Creative use of Sketch filters

Within the Block of Sketching, that we find in the Gallery of filters that has Photoshop, we have different filters and effects that are going to allow us to obtain very creative results to make illustrations that accompany our creations.

 Bas-relief combination with lighting effects 07:04

Creation of a circular halftone pattern effect 06:42

Use the halftone model with displacement map 05:30

Creating a television line effect 06:47

Create a hand painting with the filter Photocopy 06:29

Create a cut paper collage with the tampon filter 05:51


Work with the Stylize filters

All the filters that we find inside the Stylize drop-down menu are very creative filters that will give very visual illustration type results. These filters will allow us to create different graphics to accompany our creations.

 Using the filter Find edges to create a line drawing 04:30

Combine Find Edges and Hand Painting 06:47

Creating a line drawing with Trace outline 06:16

Creating an effect of bright profiles 04:38


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    Photoshop course for designers Creative filters

    Photoshop course for designers Creative filters

    In this new Photoshop course for designers. Learn how to create creative solutions with Photoshop filters

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