Mount a web server with Linux from scratch


Learn in a practical way to set up your web server with Linux in which to publish your web pages about PHP and MySQL.

Learn in a practical way to set up your web server with Linux in which to publish your web pages about PHP and MySQL.

Any content that is displayed on the Internet, or on a business intranet, in a web browser is presented through a web server.

Most Internet web pages are published on the Apache HTTP Server web server, which in turn is usually installed on a Linux operating system. Both Apache and Linux are open source or Open Source programs: they are not the owners of any company and can be used, and modified freely.

In the course "Mount a web server with Linux from scratch" we will learn to install an Apache web server on Linux from scratch.

The course contains more than 4 hours of video, as well as support materials in the form of summaries and documentation, full of interesting links where you can expand any concept.

All the Software that we will use is free and can be freely and legally downloaded from the Internet.

At the end of the course the student will have installed and configured from scratch a server ready to install on it a system of blogs like Word Press or other Open Source tools based on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database manager.
This course is not just a technology course:

It is a course in which the student will be guided to, in an eminently practical way, install their own server
A gift for any curious technology lover about the functioning of the Internet.
An invaluable help for those who need to install a web server based on Linux that works without having to read several books about different technologies.
And best of all: all the technologies that we will use in the course are free and free, all you need is your own computer.

At the end of this course you will be able to publish your own personal or professional website on the Internet without hiring a hosting service or accommodation.

All you need to complete this course having set up your own web server is a computer (yours) in which to mount a virtual machine.

A virtual machine allows you to install another operating system without touching your current installation. It is like any program that you install, when you start, the virtual machine is started and inside it, as if it were another computer, another operating system is executed.

There are many free virtualization systems. The only thing that must be taken into account is that the virtual machine will share (and compete) for the resources of the system in which it is installed, so it is best to have a computer with at least 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of free disk space.

The course is eminently practical and based on videos.

All the lessons have complementary material that will serve as support to the video lessons and notes with the concepts, commands and configurations made.

All texts are supported with links to various sources where they can expand any concept or technology that is considered interesting or necessary.

Which are the requirements?
All the software that will be used in the course is free and can be freely downloaded from the Internet

What will I learn in this course?
More than 33 classes and 4 hours of content!
Learn to install an Apache HTTP Server web server on (Ubuntu) Linux from scratch.
Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the functioning of the Internet.
Know the different protocols and management tools that will make our work fast and agile.
Learn to install a virtual machine on your own computer or on a dedicated computer.
At the end of the course you will know everything there is to do to buy a domain on the Internet and publish your web server behind your ADSL Internet connection.

Who is it for?
The course is oriented and directed fundamentally to who wants to learn the basic concepts of the functioning of the WWW, as well as the virtualization of systems.
It is a gift that any lover of curious technology will enjoy for the operation of the Internet, web servers and the Linux world.
Anyone who has the academic or professional need to set up a Linux server in which to run web applications based on PHP and MySQL, either on the Internet or on a corporate Intranet.

Course content

01. Structure of the course with support links to expand knowledge
02. Presentation of Module 1 Internet and the WWW
03. Fundamental concepts of the clientserver architecture
04. In-depth description with examples of the network architecture and example connectivity model
05. Deepening of TCP protocol concepts and OS commands related to the protocol
06. Presentation of module 2 Virtualization
07. Description of Virtualization technology concepts, history and benefits. Virtualization systems
08. Example of configuration of the BIOS of a team to enable Virtualization functionalities
09. Installing Virtual Box and creating an empty virtual machine
10. A look at a dedicated ESXi virtualization system
11. Introduction to Linux 3 module
12. Fundamental principles and characteristics of the Linux Operating System
13. Lesson 3. Text supporting tutorial on Linux
14. Installation of Ubuntu Linux in the virtual machine that we had closed
15. Configuring the Llinux server and first steps
16. Enable root access in Ubuntu 14.04
17. Create and publish a static page
18. Introduction to module 4 LAMP
19. LAMP, dynamic web pages, description of each Linux technology, Apache, PHP, MySQL
20. Server, Apache and MySQL operation
21. Lesson 4. Supplementary material
22. Introduction to the module 5 WordPress installation
23. Installing WordPress in the virtual machine
24. Setting up a second WordPress installation on the same server
25. First steps and fundamental concepts in the WordPress Administration
26. Lesson 5. Complementary material
27. Introduction Module 6 Publication on the Internet of the page with WordPress
28. Technical concepts and requirements for publication
29. Vodafone router configuration example
30. Movistar router configuration example
31. Lesson 6. Additional Material and links of interest
32. Final Video. Farewell

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    Mount a web server with Linux from scratch

    Mount a web server with Linux from scratch

    Learn in a practical way to set up your web server with Linux in which to publish your web pages about PHP and MySQL.

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