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Megacurso Premiere Pro - Maestro in 50h

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Edit any type of movie, short film, commercial, music video or any other video project from the beginning to the end. Color correction, sound, multi-camera, special effects, titles ... Dominate Premiere Pro from 0 to 100.

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This video course is updated to April 2018.
This is a course from 0 to 100, with which you will become an expert in Premiere Pro just by following the videoclases and performing the indicated exercises. The explanation is pleasant and clear on the part of expert teachers in their subject, with a large number of exercises and examples to put into practice the concepts and techniques taught.
Access to the FullHD videoclases of this course is unlimited and infinite in time. You will receive an email with username and password to access the courses as soon as you complete the payment.
If you have any doubt during the course, you will have at your disposal an internal forum with teachers to ask your questions.
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PART 1: Premiere. Module 1. Learning from 0 to 100 (35h)

1 | Starting big
We start by seeing everything that the program offers us at a glance. With fat strokes, quick passes to lose fear and let go in front of a simple assembly: several videos and a music track to mix.

2 | Professional documentary
To continue with our learning of the most fundamental tools of Premiere Pro, we will sign a spectacular documentary project for television.

3 | Movie trailer
To ride you learn riding. So, let's go to it. We choose the trailer of a movie and we make a re-montage of it by introducing new elements: titles, transitions and some other effect. We will change the shape of the montage to introduce new narrative spaces combining these with new tools.

4 | Movie trailer II
We continue with the project, this time deepening in more advanced editing techniques to experience the limits of Premiere Pro from the beginning.

5 | Work place
This is where we are going to spend a lot of time, and that is why we have to know well the nooks and crannies of our workspace. Panels, tables, workspaces, everything is self-adjusting and customizable in Premiere Pro. We will also edit Settings and Preferences for a better workflow.

6 | Complex projects
Everything starts at the beginning, so the project will be the beginning of all audiovisual editing in Premiere Pro. But not only the adjustments of the project are important, but our sequence also deserves our full attention. We will start one of our projects of 0, to take it up to 100.

7 | The cutting table: the timeline
Since we started the course, all the material we have used has been dragged to the timeline, to manipulate it. It is time to see this window in depth to get the most out of our edition. And we will do it with a video creation project.

8 | Essential principles of the edition
We are going to concentrate our attention on the basics, on what you start with when you seek to imbue yourself with the best: the essence. This is the moment to learn to edit as an editor, using their techniques and tools. And above all, applying the basic concepts of narrative and audiovisual montage.

9 | PROJECT CLASS: Promo PokerStars
We will create a great Hollywood-style promo from the 30s to promote the great poker firm Online PokerStars, focusing on a sharp color correction and a very rhythmic camera change.

10 | Organizing the material
After approaching projects of a low volume of material and consolidated the basic concepts, we are going to change the course towards more distant borders. A good editor starts to be from your organization. The greater the draft, the more material and the greater the organization that is made of it.

11 | Aligning our mix: transitions
Although we have already applied them, now it's time to deepen. The transitions allow us to ellipse time, merge spaces or encabalgar audio. Narrative elements of audiovisual montage, which are usually used and that we must know to take advantage of these.

12 | The words in the image: titles
We not only assemble images and sound, but also the texts, the logos, the forms, have a place in our assemblies. Place a fly, pills for a presenter, or just a few credits. Let's get to know the Premiere Pro CC titling company and the possibilities it offers to do a good job.

13 | The big forgotten: the audio and its edition
Sound accounts for 50% of our audiovisual product, and we must take care of it as it deserves. We will know the basic concepts of sound, the tools that Premiere Pro CC offers to work with this, and the most common techniques for audio processing.

14 | PROJECT CLASS: Short film
After having seen works for television and internet, it is time to make the leap to the big screen by editing from 0 a short film with psychological background.

15 | Advanced edition
Right in the middle of the course, we are going to take a leap of quality towards an advanced edition. New tools, such as trim, speed changes and sequence nesting, are some of the new techniques we will learn now. And of course, the mix of our sound, to complete our audiovisual work.

16 | Animations and keyframes
Today it is about playing with our images, rotating them, moving them, entering them, changing their size or opacity. Animations are one of the most interesting tools that every editor must master to increase their versatility and variety in the assembly of their videos.

17 | Diversity of cameras: the multi-camera edition
When an event is recorded with multiple cameras, editing reaches a new level. The multi-camera editing procedure is one of the techniques editors should know. Concerts, TV series, sporting events, are some examples in which this technique can be applied.

18 | PROJECT CLASS: Concert
To put into practice our new multi-camera editing techniques, we will proceed with the complete edition of a concert by the "Reverso" group.

19 | Visual magic: video and audio effects
The effects of video and audio suppose another level; they allow us to work with techniques such as the Chroma Key, to insert backgrounds with a blue or green background, to blur an area of ​​an image or to eliminate the background noise of a sound track.

20 | Color correction
Color correction or color grading is one of the last processes performed before exporting our video and bringing it to light. It allows us to maintain the continuity of contrast, light and color between all the planes, as well as create visual atmospheres that help to convey to the viewer the idea of ​​our production.

21 | How to make money with Pr: Corporate projects
Undoubtedly one of the most lucrative uses of Premiere is its great versatility when it comes to creating corporate videos. Learn all the techniques to create pieces for which companies are willing to pay.

22 | Dynamic Link
The integration between the different Adobe Suite Collection applications is very important, in order to fine-tune the project with applications designed specifically for specific functions. Through Dynamic Link, Premiere Pro communicates with Audition, After Effects or Speedgrade, software of the adobe suite.

23 | Advanced export
There is always an end, and in the case of editing, this comes with the export of our audiovisual work. We will know Adobe Media Encoder, as one of the integrated applications within Premiere Pro to be able to export in almost any format.

24 | Final project
We will review all the techniques and tools taught in this great final project for the big screen. Finished this class you will already be able to say "I know how to use Premiere".

PART 2: Premiere. Module 2. Specialization in advanced color correction (18h)

1 | An approach to digital grading
To begin with good footing, we must approach the fundamental concepts involved in the processes of digital grading. From the analysis of two projects, we will enter fully into the digital grading and begin to understand their processes and techniques to start applying them.

2 | The beginning
Everything starts at the beginning, and for this you have to establish the necessary knowledge to start a project. In this class, we will intensively work on color, as well as its perception and symbolism, as well as its attributes and parameters.

3 | From editing to grading
Premiere Pro offers different tools and resources to apply a basic but effective color grading to our images, and it is in this class where we will learn to use them. We will combine tools and effects, use different techniques and start using different types of color correction in several projects.

4 | PROJECT CLASS: Video clip grading
We will learn to professionally correct the color of a music video so that it expresses emotions according to the music, always maintaining a thick atmosphere of professionalism.

5 | Magic Bullet
In this class we are going to use two of the tools that the Magic Bullet plugin offers us to work with digital color grading: Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista II. Both offer us a wide range of possibilities for our grading, so we will start with their interfaces to continue with their more precise tools for grading.

6 | PROJECT CLASS: 2 advertising spots
We will practice with our new Magic Bullet to give an extraordinary coloration to two advertising spots and prepare them to take the step to TV.

7 | Color Finesse
Under the environment of After Effects, Color Finesse is an advanced plugin for digital grading that allows us a very high control of our color correction. Interface and workflows, is what we will deal with in this class, as well as several digital effects in the treatment of color, such as vintage or high key.

8 | PROJECT CLASS: Webserie
The Internet series have more recognition and fame every day, and they require a special and careful color correction for home viewing environments and monitors.

9 | SpeedGrade I
Hand in hand with SpeedGrade, the possibilities for etalonar grow exponentially. We will know the work environment, its modules, its tabs, its parameters and options, and the management of our material in the timeline. And of course, the tools to correct the color, and the best way to do it.

10 | SpeedGrade II
Presented and known SpeedGrade, we advance in our knowledge of software, approaching in this class more advanced processes and techniques. From the integration with the Adobe suite, to the creation of projects or the autocut of scenes, we will learn specific techniques of masking, tracking, tracking ...

11 | FINAL PROJECT: Short film
Using the most advanced techniques of color grading we will produce a retro-dyed short film in which color is one of its most fundamental.

12 | Prepare the output after the color correction for cinema, TV, etc.
As a farewell, in this last class we will learn how to prepare our graded material and the different export options, depending on what we need. That is why we will see the different alternatives offered by the different software.

Technical data:

     Format: .MP4
     Resolution: 1920x1080p
     Spanish Language
     Size: 21.8 GB
     Required level: None
     Duration: +35 hours
     Release date: 2017/2018

     Note: PART 2 pending upload, with no expected date.os:

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      Megacurso Premiere Pro - Maestro in 50h

      Megacurso Premiere Pro - Maestro in 50h

      Do you want to be a Master of PREMIER PRO? Then enter here and learn to edit videos like a professional with this super course. Free download!

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