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Learn to use the Swift 3 language for Apple applications


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Learn how to use the Swift 3 language for Apple applications

Learn to use the latest generation Swift 3 language for Apple platforms. With this course you will learn to write readable code, taking advantage of the full potential of the syntax and its execution platform. If you already know the language, you will discover the changes of version 3. If you approach it for the first time, you will learn the basics, such as variables, functions and protocols, and other important topics, such as types, optional inferences and even the implementation of some architectural decisions.

The basics to start with Swift
We will revise little by little the theory to be able to enter and develop in Swift, as well as some of the community implications that we need to know before entering the world of apps and the ecosystem of Apple.

What is Swift 3 02:59
Base files of Swift course 3 01:40
Swift and Apple 06:48

News in Swift 3
Swift has changed a lot since it came to the Open Source world. In this chapter you will find the most important changes that you have had and how to make migrations in your projects so that you can use version 3 as soon as possible.

Explicit parameters mutable 05:56
Curring or partial functions 07:19
Explicit explicit 06:32
What went missing in this new version of Swift 07:16
Loops in Swift 3 05:17
New style in Swift syntax 08:48
Any is the new id 04:51

Scripts in Swift 3
Starting with Swift's new language and syntax so you can start programming. We will review the basic topics of any programming language such as functions, variables, classes, structures and enumerators.

Work environment and tools 05:00
Playgrounds in Xcode 08:02
Compiling from terminal 07:05
Variables and print on screen 08:01
Swift and the functions and parameters 06:59
Closures inside Swift 08:22
The Swift enumerators 05:02
Classes, structures, references and values ​​04:38

Exploiting Swift 3
Here we will see everything that makes Swift special as a programming language of last generation. We will see the system of types, optional, pattern matching and other topics that will help us to exploit this great language.

Optional in Swift 3 08:03
Types and casting 07:56
Properties and initializers 07:29
Protocols and extensions 06:52
Generics in Swift 3 06:33
Catching errors with do, try and catch 06:25
Access control 04:01
Tuples 05:09
Pattern matching 04:59

Use Swift 3 in a project
The most important thing about Swift is that it is a ready-to-use language for your projects. Not only does Apple do it now, but many companies are carrying some of their products to this new language.

Defining the project 02:42
Implement buttons and functions 09:22
Change the behavior 05:45
Animate the elements 08:32

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    Learn Swift 3 course

    Learn Swift 3 course

    Learn to use the Swift 3 language for Apple applications

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