Learn augmented reality with ARKit


Learn how to create an augmented reality application that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.

Information about: Augmented reality with ARKit

Learn how to create an augmented reality application that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. Discover what distinguishes an augmented reality project from any other type of project; how to introduce 3D objects, move them, rotate them, transform them, and how to interact with them and the environment, detecting planes and simulating physical forces to achieve an augmented reality experience with which you can spend hours experimenting. When you have finished the course, you will have taken your first steps in the augmented reality and you will have a clear, concise first approach with several examples to apply in your next big idea.

First steps with ARKit

What is AR and what is ARKit 01:36
Setting up an ARKit project 06:11
Configure camera permissions 01:35
Feature Points and World Origin 02:30

Work with the nodes in augmented reality

Work with nodes and geometry 07:18
Positioning of nodes 01:00
Restart the session of AR 04:35

Modeling: primitives and 3D objects

Add a light to the scene 02:58
Work with primitives in ARKit 02:49
Modeling with tracings in ARKit 06:07
Using external 3D objects 03:53
Load the model by code 03:47
Fix 3D models 02:52

Hierarchies and rotations in AR

Node hierarchy (parenting) 07:30
Rotation and radians 03:54
Rotation of objects in X 02:13
Y rotation of a pyramid 01:44
Rotate a cylinder in Z 01:23
Relative rotation of a parent and child objects 03:43
Rotating action 11:47

Introduction to textures in AR

Textures: diffuse 04:11
Specular, a texture of AR 03:00
Relief textures with normal maps 02:39
Shift maps 01:47

Touch detection between objects

Hit-Testing to detect collisions 07:44
Basic animation of 3D objects 05:44

Detectable horizontal planes

Detection of planes 05:37
Texture for our floor 08:25
Install the wooden floor 07:39
Horizontal Hit-Testing 10:13

Transformations with the fingers

Climbing objects with fingers 03:45
Steady climbing 01:12
Rotating objects with fingers 07:47

The car of our dreams

Duplication of a project 02:13
Refactoring objects through the camera 08:59
Applying physics body to the model 02:08
Apply to the static body floor 01:12
Modeling tools in Xcode 09:40
Using the accelerometer with CoreMotion 05:08
Set the wheels of the vehicle 09:07
Fix the wheels in Xcode 03:57
Turning the wheels of the vehicle 03:04
Final end of the car: to drive! 04:15

Technical data:

Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1280x720p
Size: 697 MB
Spanish Language
Content: 43 Videos
Duration: 3:18 hours
Software: Xcode, Xcode 7.3
Base Files: Yes Includes

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    Learn augmented reality with ARKit

    Learn augmented reality with ARKit

    Learn how to create an augmented reality application that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.

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