ITIL Course 3 The conception of services


Learn with this ITIL Course 3, the conception of services. Good practices in the creation of a service


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Learn with this ITIL Course 3, the conception of services.
Good practices in the creation of a service

The conception of the service is the first step that will allow IT professionals to correctly design a service and limit time and resources during the following development and implementation processes. In this course we will focus on this first part, perhaps the most important of the three, to apply the use of ITIL in the conception of a service.

Conception of services in ITIL
The conception of services is the starting point to create value in the company and in ITIL there is a framework to help create these services in a way that is useful for the company and its users.

Understand the purpose of this service 00:59
Having the right skills 00:53
Use the right resources 01:42

The 4P of the conception of services
The 4Ps are, by order, the people, the procedures or processes, the suppliers and the products. These 4P are the basic elements for the creation of services under the ITIL methodology, and they must be taken into account.

Address the 4P of conception 01:40
Understand people 01:27
Know the procedure or process 02:51
External suppliers: the power of the partners 01:56
Serve products 03:49

Analyze the design sub-processes
The design subprocesses are a series of props on which the service will be supported and, more than with its conception, they are related to the additional value that they will offer to the user of the same or to the company itself.

Coordinate conception 02:36
Manage continuity 02:37
Discover the vital functions of the business 02:18
Define availability 02:46
A look at the SLA 04:19
Focus on security 01:59
Manage the process 03:26
Work with the catalog 00:56
Deal with suppliers 03:36
Be interested in the package design service 01:51

Conclusion of the service conception stage
The conception phase in ITIL is a kind of key stone in which each of the process development processes will be supported later. If this conception fails, everything, in cascade, will end up working badly.

Improve the conception phase 01:43
Conclude the conception of services 00:55

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ITIL Course 3 The conception of services

ITIL Course 3 The conception of services

Learn with this ITIL Course 3, the conception of services. Good practices in the creation of a service

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