Google AdWords Advanced Course


Go to the next level with this advanced Google AdWords course, learn automations, view reports, remarket and work with AdWords Editor


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Climb to the next level with this advanced Google AdWords course, learn automation, view reports, remarket and work with AdWords Editor

Google AdWords offers many advanced options to optimize the results of your campaigns and save time in your management. In this course you will learn how to use filters, tags and automated rules to organize work with your AdWords account. AdWords also offers special features through the administrator account so that marketing agencies and freelancers can easily work with multiple clients. You will also see some very useful features of the AdWords editor to save time in creating campaigns and, finally, you will use scripts to automate everyday tasks.

Improve the management of your Google AdWords account
In this chapter we will see the different tools that the Google AdWords system makes available to advertisers to save time and facilitate the management of their accounts, campaigns, ads and keywords.

Save time with tags in Google AdWords 04:39
Use filters to perform a task in Google AdWords 02:32
Shared budgets in Google AdWords campaigns 03:21

Automated rules in Google AdWords
Automated rules help us save time in the management of our campaigns, since we can schedule certain tasks. In this chapter we will see how you can take advantage of the automated Google AdWords rules.

Why use automated rules in Google AdWords 02:11
Automated rules for Google AdWords campaigns 04:03
Automated rules for ad groups in AdWords 03:45
Automated rules for keywords in Google AdWords 02:23
Automated rules for Google AdWords ads 02:33

Generation of actionable reports in Google AdWords
The Google AdWords platform offers its advertisers a complete set of reports to interpret the results of their campaigns. In this chapter we will see some very useful reports for decision making.

Auction statistics in Google AdWords 04:37
Percentage of impressions in Google AdWords 03:49
Attribution reports in Google AdWords campaigns 02:06
Including Analytics data in Google AdWords 02:43
Reports tab in Google AdWords 02:34

Remarketing with Google AdWords and Analytics
Google Analytics allows us to create very effective remarketing lists for Google AdWords. In this chapter we will see how to use Google Analytics to create remarketing audiences for our Google AdWords campaigns.

Why use Analytics for remarketing in Google AdWords 02:18
Create Audiences in Analytics with Google AdWords 04:04

Conversion tracking with Analytics
Google AdWords allows us to import goals set in Google Analytics as conversions, which gives more flexibility to Google AdWords conversion tracking. In this chapter we will see how to use Google Analytics for conversion tracking.

Why use Analytics for conversion tracking 01:46
Import conversions from Analytics to Google AdWords 02:54

Advanced bid adjustments with Google AdWords
Google AdWords allows us to make bid adjustments according to different criteria. In this chapter we will see what are the most used bid adjustment criteria to improve the performance of our campaigns and how to implement them.

Bid adjustments by day and schedule in Google AdWords 03:22
Device bid adjustments in Google AdWords 02:59
Bid adjustments by geographic area in Google AdWords 02:03

Campaign experiments with Google AdWords
Campaign experiments allow us to test our campaigns without risking all their performance. In this chapter we will see how to set up campaign experiments in Google AdWords.

What are the AdWords campaign experiments for? 02:08
Set up a campaign experiment with Google AdWords 02:36

Use the Google AdWords Editor
The Google AdWords Editor is a tool without which I could not live in my day to day. In this chapter we will see how you can use the Google AdWords Editor to save time managing your campaigns.

Start using the Google AdWords Editor 02:35
Save backup copies of the Google AdWords account 02:21
Delete duplicate keywords in Google AdWords 03:00
Create new campaigns efficiently with Google AdWords 03:58
Use formula words with Google AdWords 03:45
Save time with massive editions in Google AdWords 04:08
Export Google AdWords campaigns as HTML 02:11

Implement scripts in Google AdWords
Google AdWords scripts allow us to automate several tasks that consume time and are necessary for the proper management of our accounts. In this chapter you will learn how to implement Google AdWords scripts.

Why use Google AdWords scripts 01:37
How to implement scripts in your Google AdWords account 02:10
Pause ads with low CTR with Google AdWords scripts 01:51
Pause keywords without impressions in Google AdWords 02:21
Pause Google AdWords campaigns according to monthly budget 02:54
Adjust bids according to weather in Google AdWords 05:08
Increase bids on good performance keywords 02:41
Broken links alert in Google AdWords 02:15

Google AdWords API
The Google AdWords API allows you to create applications that interact directly with the Google AdWords platform. In this chapter we will see how we can use the Google AdWords API to help us manage our campaigns.

Why use the Google AdWords API 02:31
Examples of using Google AdWords API for reports 02:33
Examples of Google AdWords API for campaign management 01:48

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Google AdWords Advanced Course

Google AdWords Advanced Course

Go to the next level with this advanced Google AdWords course, learn automations, view reports, remarket and work with AdWords Editor

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