Ghost Light Course: Lighting technique and color treatment


Learn to portray with creative lighting techniques


Learn to portray with creative lighting techniques

Ibai Acevedo – Photographer for brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Tous, Evax or Mahou – will help you find your own style when taking photos through experimentation and transmitting evocative sensations.

To do this, it will show you step by step your work process when making a portrait playing with an unconventional lighting technique but with many creative possibilities, The Phantom light.

Once the photograph has been made, Ibai will detail your retouching methodology to get a treatment by areas of light and color with a dream aesthetic that wanders between reality and fiction.

What does this course include?

You will begin to learn more about Ibai Acevedo's trajectory and some of his most outstanding works, then delve into the ideas phase and know what inspires Ibai when it comes to making his photos.
    Then Ibai will explain step by step its most representative technique, the Phantom light, its possibilities and limits. You will also review the necessary and optional materials when taking pictures and, to better understand the proposed lighting scheme and treatment by zones, you'll be witness to the exception of a real shooting of Acevedo in the forest.
    Finally, Ibai will teach you how to edit your photos with some key tricks like the importance of color, selection and unveiling in Raw, work in Photoshop and its final export.

What is the course project?
The final project will be a portrait using the technique of phantom light. Although during the course, Ibai explains all its process both in the shooting and in post production, it is not essential to follow the steps to letter. Once the tools and techniques that can intervene are taught, each student chooses to use them in the way they are most interested in and with the means available to them.

Who is it aimed at?
This course is aimed at anyone who wants to expand their creative tools when making a photograph. Both for the people who start and for the most advanced. Once the techniques, processes and little tricks are assimilated, each photographer will mark how far to curl the curl.


To carry out this course, basic knowledge of digital photography and Photoshop is necessary.

With regard to essential materials, you will need a camera, a computer with camera raw and Photoshop (or failing any other raw developer/editing software), a tripod (or way to leave the camera fixed) and an artificial light source (flash, Spotlight, Flashlight, reflector, etc.)

In addition, as extras, it is not too much to have a separate camera flash (connected wirelessly or cable sync), a focus foot or flash attachment element and a remote tripper.




Get ready to make your picture

Have an idea
    Ghost Light

Make your picture!

Photographic shooting

Edit your photo

The importance of color: before and after
    Unveiled in raw and editing in Photoshop I
    Unveiled in Raw and edited in Photoshop II
    Unveiled in Raw and edited in Photoshop III
    Unveiled in Raw and edited in Photoshop IV
    Unveiled in Raw and edited in Photoshop V
    Unveiled in Raw and edited in Photoshop VI

Final Project

Ghost Light: Lighting technique and color treatment

Technical data:

    Format:. mp4
    Resolution: 960x540p
    Size: 1.70 GB
    Content: 14 Videos
    Duration: 2h 40m
    Level: Initiation
    Software: Adobe Photoshop
    Additional resources: Included
    Date of publication: 2015

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    Ghost Light Course: Lighting technique and color treatment

    Ghost Light Course: Lighting technique and color treatment

    Learn to portray with creative lighting techniques

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