Fundamentals of product design: Sketching


Learn the basics of product design and create your first product design.

Learn the basics of product design: Create your first product design

Learn the basic knowledge of product design. Learn to use the main instruments, as well as to draw basic figures. Discover how to define the geometry of objects, place them in perspective and express them in terms of material, color and light. To conclude, you will have some practical exercises. At the end of the course, you will know how to make quick, proportionate and convincing designs of the objects you study.

Course content

Tipos de ilustración y método de aprendizaje

    El dibujo de diseño de producto   02:26
    Archivos base de Fundamentos del diseño de producto   00:30
    El método de aprendizaje de dibujo   01:35
    Herramientas informáticas aplicadas al dibujo   02:26

Types of illustration and learning method

    The product design drawing 02:26
    Basics files of product design basics 00:30
    The drawing learning method 01:35
    Computer tools applied to drawing 02:26

Work the perspective of curved shapes

    Draw an ellipse inside a square 03:10
    The cylindrical and conical volumes 04:35
    Draw a horizontal cylinder 06:19
    Defines the shadow of a cylinder 05:51
    The use of the sphere in drawing 03:56
    Defines rounded angles 04:24
    Draw bulls and tubes 06:49
    The profile view in drawing 03:20
    What are, in drawing, the flat sections 02:32
    How to put a curve in perspective 03:16

Defines the scale of objects, material and colors

    The horizon line 04:58
    Applies the control ellipse 02:10
    Generates inclinations and rotations of planes 04:23
    Choose the orientation of the object you draw 02:47
    Define the quality of the surface of the object 03:47
    Uses cylindrical and spherical surfaces 04:17
    How to choose the color of a design 01:48
    Add color to an object 10:18

Design a series of products

    Play a kitchen scale 08:08
    Apply shadows and colors to the scale 09:43
    Make a design of a photocopier 09:07
    Applies color to the photocopier 06:30
    Design an object with curved surfaces 07:58
    We conclude the product design 01:36

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    Fundamentals of product design: Sketching

    Fundamentals of product design: Sketching

    Learn the basics of product design and create your first product design.

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