Fundamentals of photography course: Flash


Learn the basics of photography: Flash. Master concepts and techniques of effective flash lighting

Learn the basics of flash photography

No es difícil conseguir grandes resultados de un flash, y este curso detalla los conceptos y las técnicas que hay detrás de la iluminación efectiva con flash. Ben comienza con los fundamentos que se basan en los principios de exposición que todo fotógrafo debería dominar y muestra cómo una fotografía simple obtiene mucho mejores resultados al tener un flash incorporado a la cámara. Se ahonda, igualmente, en técnicas de flash de relleno y en el uso de flash como luz principal. El curso también explora temas como el rebotado y la sincronización de flash para disparar con una o más unidades de flash externas.

Introduction to Fundamentals of photography: Flash

If your subject moves or you shoot camera in hand, a high shutter speed may not be practical. It's an example where you could use a flash. However, the flash is not only used with low light conditions, it will also be useful when working with lots of light.

     Review of the photo exhibition concept 02:23
     How the flash of a camera works 02:12
     We balance ambient light and flash light 03:55
     Shutter speed, aperture speed and flash 04:13
     Fill light and main light with flash 04:15
     Understand the scope of the flash in photography 02:47
     Understand and work with flash modes 05:16
     Flash sync options 03:03
     Indications to keep in mind about the integrated flash 05:04

The fill flash to balance the exposure

When you start working with flash, many believe by mistake that the flash is used when there is little light and, although this is true, you will probably discover that you use it as much or more when there is bright light, and it is because many times the lighting problems of The image is not due to the lack of general light, but due to a lack of light in specific parts of the scene.

     When to use the fill flash in a photograph 01:39
     The fill flash in automatic modes and program 02:45
     The fill flash in priority or manual modes 02:38
     How to use flash exposure compensation 09:14
     The fill flash to eliminate unwanted shadows 05:47
     The fill flash to darken a background 04:58
     The flash as a supplement for ambient light 03:49
     The fill flash in a bright sunset 02:01

The flash as a main light bulb

We have tried to think of light in terms of main and fill light, and we have used flash as fill light. So far there has always been a main light in the scene, the sun, a bright light that illuminated the subject, and we use the flash as a fill for some shadows. However there will be times when you will not have a strong main light, being able to add it with the flash.

     Photographing a portrait with flash as main light 04:27
     Why use an external flash in our photos 03:35
     The power of the flash and the recharge times 04:21
     The zoom of the flash and its importance in photography 01:45
     We separated the flash from the camera 05:36
     How to use a softbox in our photos 05:04
     Balances flash light and light from windows 04:23
     Pay attention to the light in the room 03:39
     The flash and the white balance 01:00

Advanced level flash scenarios

In this chapter we will see real situations for which we will use some accessories for the flash. We are going to make portraits and photograph a subject in movement. The first step to start working is to study the elements that you have at your disposal, and where the light will bounce.

     Bounce the flash to improve the lighting 13:08
     Alternative options to bounce the flash 05:13
     How to use slow synchronization with flash 08:51
     Synchronization to the second curtain 11:49
     Use radiocontrollers to shoot the flash 04:32
     How to work with the flash manually 10:44


How to shoot with several flashes at once

In this chapter we will be mounting a lighting system at three points to take a picture of Stephen Kent playing. We will have three flashes that will work differently: a main light, a fill flash and a flash as a backlight.

     How to work with several flashes 13:03
     We add the second flash to the image to fill 05:20
     The third flash as backlight 06:54

Considerations to keep in mind when buying a flash

Although buying a flash is not as difficult as buying a camera, you have to take into account several aspects. If you work with a flash from the same manufacturer as the camera, you will have a flash compatible with your exposure meter, but the main feature you have to assess is its power.

     What brand of flash should you buy 01:28
     Considerations on the guide number 03:14
     Recommendations for when to buy 03:10

Conclusion of Fundamentals of photography: Flash

When you find a scene for which you need flash, you should automatically think about the main and fill light, the flash exposure and the ambient light. If you understand the difference between main light and fill light and how exposures work together to create a final image, your photos will be better.

     Next steps to photograph with flash 00:42

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    Fundamentals of photography course: Flash

    Fundamentals of photography course: Flash

    Learn the basics of photography: Flash. Master concepts and techniques of effective flash lighting

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