Fundamentals of architecture: Sketching


This course is aimed at beginners, designers and professionals who want to master spaces in architecture and know the design specifications of conception.

Learn to make quick and convincing designs of the constructions that you find in your projects.

Designing sketches in architecture requires knowing some precise techniques, such as knowing how to work with perspectives. This course explains the principles of this type of design and the knowledge you need to make elaborate sketches of objects or architectural spaces. Knows the different types of perspectives, such as the parallel, the axonometric and the oblique perspective, and the notion of vanishing point. We are going to make examples of concrete buildings. This course is aimed at beginners, designers and professionals who want to master spaces in architecture and know the design specifications of conception. When finishing it, you will know how to make fast and convincing designs of the constructions with which you find yourself in your projects.

Course content
The sketch in architecture projects

    Approach to the world of sketch 01:32
Base files of the sketch course 00:49
The different forms of sketch 01:17
Graphic material: papers and pencils 03:54
Discover the art of stroke 05:31
The flat divisions 07:18
The elementary figures of architecture 07:18
How to trace an ellipse 06:28
Divide and multiply in perspective 07:28

Representation in space and in parallel perspective

    The location in the space 03:07
Defines the parallel perspective 10:43
Solve the volume problems with the help of the shafts 07:07
Design the intersection of inclined planes 03:48
Represents a cylinder in the plane 07:13
Design stairs with parallel perspective 04:02
Addition and subtraction in volumes 11:16
Defines shadows in architecture 09:32
It represents the parallel perspective in the interior space 04:34

Address perspective with vanishing points

    Understand the withdrawal effect 03:22
We define the notion of vanishing point 05:27
Determines the horizon and position in height 05:28
Use the height of the horizon 04:57
Sizes the objects at the height of the horizon 04:16
Place the vanishing points with the help of a box 05:51
Coordinate the vanishing points 02:42
It represents the third vanishing point 04:24

Design a front perspective with a vanishing point

    Domina volume games 06:36
Draw from a plane 03:28
It represents an interior space 07:01
Defines the depth without the plane 09:16
Applies the depth without the 14:55
Retouch an interior space 04:17

Design a perspective with two vanishing points

    The principle of construction in an orthogonal space 07:27
Create an orthogonal space and add an object 14:13
Locate an isolated spot in space 02:51
The simplest expression of construction 05:08
The game of volumes with two vanishing points 14:12
Measured in perspective a volume on the outside 08:11
The cube method in architecture 09:38

Design and measure in the sketch

    Design the perspective of a bungalow 09:10
Finish the sketch of a bungalow 06:40
Add color to the design of a bungalow 06:24
Defines the perspective of a building 09:05
We finish the drawing of a building 04:36
We add color to the design of a building 05:06
Conclusion of the architectural sketching course 00:52

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    Gran curso

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      Fundamentals of architecture: Sketching

      Fundamentals of architecture: Sketching

      This course is aimed at beginners, designers and professionals who want to master spaces in architecture and know the design specifications of conception.

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