Firebase course from 0 to 100


This course will teach you to be able to generate both Web and mobile applications as well as desktop applications.


Firebase is a platform that will allow you to work with real-time databases based on NoSQL and storing the data in JSON format to be available at any time. It will allow you to work safely through different authentication methods such as email and password, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub or Google, as well as being able to publish your site with these integrated services. Firebase is greatly an excellent replacement of parse and this course will teach you how it will help you to generate both Web and mobile applications and desktop applications.

Introduction to the Firebase course. from 0 to 100
In this chapter we will review everything we are going to learn throughout the course to develop our projects with Firebase and enhance our development and professional growth with this kind of solutions in the cloud

    What is the platform Firebase 02:48
    Objectives and goals of the Firebase course. From 0 to 100 01:11
    Base files of the course Firebase. From 0 to 100 01:33
    Requirements before you see the Firebase course. From 0 to 100 01:12

Understanding Firebase: General Concepts
In this chapter you will know the general concepts of Firebase. You will be able to create your first application and get the bases to start integrating the services that Firebase offers with your web and/or mobile applications.

    Start working with Firebase: Analyzing your sections 09:19
    Creating a Web application in Firebase 02:38
    Add contributors to Firebase 02:05 project
    Modify application name with Firebase 02:31

Creating a real-time database with Firebase
Know the most powerful feature of Firebase, real-time data handling through its powerful implementation of a database of the type NoSQL, to which you can access in a simple way just by understanding its JSON-based structure.

    Implementation of the NoSQL database in Firebase 06:57
    Choosing a platform/SDK to work with Firebase 04:23
    Get database records with a 08:44 Web application
    Generate new records in a Firebase 04:19 database
    Avoid repeated records and duplicate data in Firebase 04:21
    How to detect and capture bugs in Firebase 02:43
    Deleting database records from Firebase 03:20
    Updating records in Firebase 07:13 databases

Firebase Database Security Rules
The security rules will allow us to maintain the integrity of the data stored in our database at Firebase. Learn how to structure and apply them to the requirements you need.

    Create Firebase 05:05 Database authentication rules
    Configuring an Firebase 05:21 authentication provider
    How to make the login & logout process with Firebase 07:28
    Access validation using the 04:51 authentication provider
    accessing session data with Firebase 05:08
    Data indexing process in Firebase 04:59
    Validation of the data structure with Firebase 03:53
    Data access Control in databases of Firebase 02:37
    Using variables in rules and authentication processes 03:41

Publish your Web application by hosting Firebase
Firebase offers a free alternative to be able to store and publish your Web applications. Learn how to make this simple configuration and publish your first Web application on this platform.

    Configuring Firebase Tools: Publishing your Web application 02:03
    Initialize a Web site or application with static views 05:06
    Site Deploy: Prepare to show customers 03:14
    Delete References to the application created with Firebase 01:17
    How to structure an external Firebase rules file 03:54
    Setting page 404 Error 02:32

Final recommendations of the Firebase course. from 0 to 100
Final chapter with summary and conclusions about everything learned throughout the course through a quick look at the whole project and activities done to get the most out of the development of a Web application based on Firebase.

    Conclusions and farewell of the course Firebase. From 0 to 100 02:53

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    Firebase course from 0 to 100

    Firebase course from 0 to 100

    This course will teach you to be able to generate both Web and mobile applications as well as desktop applications.

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