Fashion Photography Course: color theory



Learn with this course to better evaluate your fashion images taking into account the use of color. He knows different references and studies the harmonies between colors, like the discordant colors and the dominant colors. Work in depth with skin tones and analyze color schemes, such as complementary or monochrome colors, which will be your starting base to make decisions to retouch your photographs and get more harmonic looks.

Introduction to the course Fashion photography: color theory
In this chapter we will see some concepts that allow us to understand the importance of the understanding of the color in fashion. This will give us the floor to start valuing the color patches that will be the constant throughout the course.

The color of the year and its color schemes 01:44
    Reference pages on 01:33 color schemes

The importance of color according to the seasons
In this chapter we will show a theory about the dominants of the skins depending on the season of the year. This suggests that any variation, however minimal, can be decisive when it comes to finding a good color scheme.

Dominant in the 03:13 color palette
    Summer: Seasonal Typology 02:55
    How winter influences the photo of Skins 02:59
    Spring and skin Tone 03:09
    How the skin is perceived in autumn 02:28

The color and its combinations
In this chapter we will see some of the color combinations, not of colour schemes. We will talk about the harmony between colors, the discordant colors and finally the dominant colors. Each of these color combinations will help us to perfect the touch up of garments.

Harmonic colors 03:26
    Discordant Colors 03:04
    03:35 Key Colors

Working with the skin
In this chapter we will focus on skin tones, as these affect a lot in our perception of a color scheme. Far from the theory of the seasonal typology, we will see, on patches of color, the nuances that each type of skin.

03:57 Skin Tones
    Skin Textures 04:20
    Neutralize Skin 05:09

The tone rule
As it could not be otherwise, there are studies on the tone rule in the market. In this chapter we will apply some of them to understand their use and to analyze how we can incorporate them in a quick and orderly way.

Complementary colors 04:54
    Monochrome Colors 02:19
    Triad Scheme 03:14
    Importing 03:51 color Schemes

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    Fashion Photography Course: color theory

    Fashion Photography Course: color theory

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