Excel 2016 Course for Essential Mac


Learn with this course Excel 2016 for Mac essential - Discover the 2016 version of Excel for Mac and its tools

Excel 2016 course for essential Mac

In this course you will learn how to use the new Excel interface, we will also see how to work with the files, create and share them. You can learn how to work with the formulas and other functions of Excel 2016.

The new Excel 2016 interface

In this chapter we will know the news and elements that have changed visually in the new Microsoft Excel 2016.

    What's new in the Excel 2016 interface for Mac 01:49
    The backstage of Excel 2016 for Mac 02:34
    The ribbon of Excel 2016 04:53
    The Excel 2016 window 02:23
    Views and immobilization of panels in Excel 2016 02:36

We started working on Excel 2016

This chapter is dedicated to facilitating the first steps in the use of Microsoft Excel for new users.

    First steps, we open a file in Excel 2016 01:26
    Structure of an Excel 2016 book 01:11
    The help of Excel 2016 02:11

We handle Excel 2016 files

Here we will learn to create new files and when sharing them with other users via online, these are basic functions that we must learn if we want to master Excel 2016 perfectly.

    New files and templates in Excel 2016 02:24
    Save and Save as in Excel 2016 02:10
    Print in Excel 2016 02:18
    Share files with other Excel 2016 users 02:01
    Export Excel 2016 files to other formats 02:11
    Excel 2016 account options 01:18

Cells and formulas introduction in Excel 2016

In this chapter we will learn everything about the introduction and edition of data in them, which are the basis of everything that is done in Excel.

    Selection of cells and ranges of cells in Excel 2016 03:02
    Editing cells in Excel 2016 02:01
    Data formats in Excel 2016 03:11
    What is a formula in Excel 2016 and what distinguishes it 01:57
    The operators in Excel 2016 03:06
    Using parentheses in Excel 2016 02:39
    Concatenate with Ampersand in Excel 2016 03:05
    Copy and paste values ​​and formulas in Excel 2016 04:12
    Relative and absolute references in Excel 2016 06:37
    Fill cells automatically in Excel 2016 05:00

Handle rows, columns and sheets in Excel 2016

Here we will see how to work with rows, columns and sheets, measurements of them, editing, elimination in order all the basic functions to work with them.

    Height and width of rows and columns in Excel 2016 03:11
    Insert and delete cells, rows and columns in Excel 2016 03:32
    Hide and show rows and columns in Excel 2016 02:23
    Moving rows and columns in Excel 2016 01:13
    Insert and remove sheets in Excel 2016 01:21
    Rename and tag color to an Excel spreadsheet 00:53
    Move and duplicate spreadsheets in Excel 2016 02:43
    Simultaneous selection of several sheets in Excel 02:28
    Browsing the Excel sheets 2016 01:16

We apply formatting to cells and data in Excel 2016

By controlling the application of formats we will also have a large part of the control of the appearance of our reports in Excel. in this chapter we will learn all about the formats

    Formats and default styles in Excel 2016 02:52
    Alignment of the contents of a cell in Excel 2016 04:27
    Application of text formats in Excel 2016 02:06
    Application of number formats in Excel 2016 04:12
    Application of date and time formats in Excel 2016 02:19
    Fillers for Excel 2016 cells 01:57
    Controlling the edges of a cell in Excel 2016 02:57
    Comments in Excel 2016 cells 02:38

Functions in Excel 2016, beyond the formulas

The functions are a big step for the uninitiated user, since it is a beginning to obtain a great productivity in the calculation, since they facilitate the work and it is done in a more efficient way.

    What is a function in Excel 2016 04:24
    The Excel 2016 Function Wizard 02:24
    Autosum and other quick functions of Excel 2016 01:45
    The functions of Excel SUMIF and ROUND 04:23
    The SI function of Excel 2016 07:57
    The functions of Excel LEFT, RIGHT and MAYUSC 03:44
    COUNT and COUNTIF. Sister functions in Excel 2016 02:17
    The popular VLOOKUP function of Excel 2016 04:34
    Functions TODAY, NOW, DAY, MONTH and YEAR in Excel 2016 02:59

Data management in Excel 2016 tables

It is the natural way to organize Microsoft Excel information, so we will learn it in the videos in this chapter.

    How to organize the data in Excel 2016 spreadsheets 04:58
    Introduction to Excel Tables 2016 04:12
    We apply style to an Excel Table 2016 03:19
    Filtering data in Excel 2016 04:45
    Introduction to Dynamic Tables in Excel 2016 09:32

Insert graphics in Excel 2016

In this chapter you will see everything related to the graphics that are the best method to transmit the numerical information, especially if the recipient has little knowledge or does not have much time.

     What is a chart and when to use it in Excel 2016 02:36
     Simple graphics of columns in Excel 2016 05:56
     Circular, line and area graphics in Excel 2016 04:23

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     Duration: 3:02 hours
     Software: Excel, Excel for Mac 2016, Office for Mac
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    Excel 2016 Course for Essential Mac

    Excel 2016 Course for Essential Mac

    Learn with this course Excel 2016 for Mac essential - Discover the 2016 version of Excel for Mac and its tools

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