Essential SketchUp Course Architectural Modeling


In this course we will see from the basics, the essentials of SketchUp. Learn how to use this simple and intuitive 3D design and modeling software


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In this course we will see from the bases, to the essentials of SketchUp. Learn how to use this simple and intuitive 3D modeling and design software

SketchUp, both in its free and professional version, is the ideal tool for fast and accurate architectural modeling, as well as allowing you to create conceptual views and presentations in a very simple way. In this course you will learn how to handle each of your modeling tools and manipulate objects, focusing on the architectural modeling of a home so that you can build the space including elements such as doors, windows or columns. You will learn to texturize the model, learn to apply shadows and create conceptual views both interior and exterior, complementing the model through external objects that we will find in the 3D Warehouse, the SketchUP website for downloading 3D models.

About SketchUp and its configuration
In this chapter we will make a brief tour through the interface of SketchUp. The objective is that you familiarize yourself with the application, know the various trays and toolbars of SketchUp, we will see the properties of the application and its configuration.

Differences between SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro 03:24
Knowing the interface of SketchUp 04:57
Trays configuration (trays) 03:15
About toolbars (toolbars) 03:59
About model information 05:03
SketchUp Properties 05:01

Getting to know SketchUp: navigation and cameras
We will see basic tools for an optimal workflow in SketchUp, you will learn to navigate using the orbit, the zoom and the framing; We will see how to walk and position a camera, you will learn how to create scenes and use images or AutoCAD DWG files imported into SketchUp.

How to navigate in SketchUp 02:03
Positioning the camera 03:44
Creating scenes in SketchUp 03:54
View styles: edges and faces 03:27
Use an image as a reference for drawing 04:28
Import an AutoCAD DWG file as reference 04:45

Organizing the project
SketchUp is a very practical and simple application, one of the decisive factors when it comes to achieving a good work flow. A clean and easily editable project consists of having an organized model. We will see how to achieve it through tools such as layers, groups and components.

Creation of groups 04:50
Working with layers in SketchUp 03:02
Use of schemes (outliner) 03:15

Manipulate objects in SketchUp
In this chapter you will learn about the object manipulation tools available in SketchUp. Throughout all the videos that compose it, we will see how to select and move objects, learn to rotate and scale objects, and manipulate elements from their faces and edges.

Select and move objects 04:01
Climb and rotate objects 04:27
Manipulating faces, edges and vertices 04:48
Advanced object selection tools 03:20

Drawing and modeling tools in SketchUp
You will know the tools that are the heart of SketchUp, which allow us to create elements and volumes in a practical and fast way. You will know the tools that allow us to do it through lines and simple geometric shapes predefined as rectangles and circles. We will see the Push-pull tool, which allows us to manipulate the volumes that we generate and you will learn to use other modeling tools such as follow me or lag.

Drawing with lines and freehand 06:43
Drawing in 3D with lines 02:51
Drawing with rectangles 05:15
Creating volume with Push-pull 05:47
Deleting elements in SketchUp 01:55
Work with equidistance (offset) 03:43
Drawing with bows 03:17
Work with circles and polygons 01:46
Define the resolution of curves 02:15
About the tool follow me (follow me) 04:21

Annotation tools
Annotations are a necessary and recurrent complement when we generate models and architectural plans. You will learn to use the measuring and dimensioning tool and the protractor, and to generate text labels and 3D texts.

Use the measurement tool (tape measure) 02:31
Using the protractor to measure angles 03:41
Creating text labels 04:14
Create 3D texts 01:35
Dimensioning and generation of heights 04:53

Work with components in SketchUp
In this chapter we will focus on the components, similar to the blocks of AutoCAD, which allow us to save, reuse and multiply objects quickly in a scene or take them to different scenes. We will see how to generate them, where to obtain these types of objects and how to place them in a scene and manipulate them.

About the components window 05:51
Creating components in SketchUp 05:39
Work with dynamic components 03:04
About 3D Warehouse 02:47

Materials and textures in SketchUp
A fundamental task when designing an object is the integration of materials and textures as a graphic representation of a concept. We will see how to create materials, edit them, position them and adjust them according to our needs.

Application of materials 04:13
Editing and personalization of materials 02:59
Positioning and manipulation of textures 03:31
Append images as part of the model 02:46
Mapping of curved objects 01:57
Projection of textures 02:30

Display and styles in SketchUp
In this chapter you will learn to create conceptual views of a model from a scene, we will see how to activate shadows and fog, how to apply, generate and edit styles and how to export the model to other formats or generate images from the views, in addition to create section views

Simulate solar incidence and fog 03:20
Applying styles in SketchUp 06:20
Export in 2D and 3D 03:19
Creating cuts from section views 03:06
Basic animation 05:09
Farewell of the SketchUp course 2017 02:17

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Essential SketchUp Course Architectural Modeling

Essential SketchUp Course Architectural Modeling

In this course we will see from the basics, the essentials of SketchUp. Learn how to use this simple and intuitive 3D design and modeling software

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