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Learn how to measure the important part of your "Data" Web with essential Google Analytics. Measure and improve your website data


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Learn to measure the important part of your Web "Data" with Google Analytics essential. Measure and improve the data of your website

Google Analytics is an essential tool for people interested in improving the performance of their website. This course is created so you can fully understand the operation of the tool, find the information you are looking for easily and understand precisely the improvement actions you can take based on the data. Understand the differences between metrics and KPIs and how to take actions inspired by data. Discover in detail how Google Analytics works and how to install it on your website. Learn the differences between the different categories of reports and quickly put your knowledge into practice with tips and recommendations in real cases of implementation.

Digital Analytics basics
In this chapter, you will review the basic concepts behind digital analytics. From the definition of objectives and events, to understanding the difference between metrics and dimensions. Let's start

Understand digital analytics 02:04
What are the metrics and KPIs in Google Analytics 02:44
What are the dimensions in Google Analytics 01:56
What are the events in Google Analytics 03:13
What are the segments in Google Analytics 01:56
Objectives and conversions: why your website exists 02:30

Introduction to Google Analytics
In this chapter you will learn how Google Analytics does to collect the information of the users and what are the steps to follow to install, validate and fine-tune your Google Analytics account.

How Google Analytics works 02:15
How to create an account in Google Analytics 03:02
How to install Google Analytics 02:35
How to know if you successfully installed Google Analytics 04:39
Tuning your Google Analytics account 03:06
Exclude you from Google Analytics data 03:14

Basic metrics in Google Analytics
It is complicated to make decisions inspired by data without knowing what each metric refers to. In this chapter you will learn the technical fundamentals and the scope of the main Google Analytics metrics.

Page views in Google Analytics 01:32
Visits / sessions in Google Analytics 02:45
Time on the site in Google Analytics 02:54
Bounce rate in Google Analytics 04:20
Unique visitors in Google Analytics 02:18

Fundamentals of reports in Google Analytics
The Google Analytics reports help us visualize the data of our sites in a clear and concise way. In this chapter you will learn different ways to navigate, view and sort data with ease.

Account hierarchy in Google Analytics 06:27
Google Analytics Filters 05:17
Browsing the reports and reports 04:03
Compare metrics in Google Analytics 02:10
Time Ranges 02:35
Use annotations in Google Analytics 02:09
Different ways of seeing the data 04:54
Sort the data with table filters 02:12
Google Analytics keyboard shortcuts 01:52

Segment the data in Google Analytics
Segmenting is essential to unravel what happens on your website. Google Analytics has a powerful segmentation platform that allows you to see beyond appearances and discover opportunities for improvement. In this chapter you will learn how to do it.

Pre-defined segments in Google Analytics 02:46
Create a custom segment in Google Analytics 03:35

Google Analytics audience reports
Knowing where in the world they come from, what language they speak, what devices and demographic characteristics your users have, are questions that you can easily answer in the Google Analytics audience reports. In this chapter you will learn how to use each of them.

Active users report in Google Analytics 02:14
Group analysis report in Google Analytics 04:25
The user browser in Google Analytics 03:48
Demographic data report 04:12
Interest report in Google Analytics 03:60
Geographic and language information 03:50
Browser reports and operating system 03:51
Reports of mobile devices 03:25
Benchmarks or benchmarks 02:56
Visualize the user's navigation with the user flow 02:19

Acquisition reports in Google Analytics
The acquisition reports tell us how users arrive at our website. In this chapter you will learn how to use your reports to understand more about your users and find ways to increase your visit volume.

Understand the channels report 04:02
Tree map report 03:11
Understand the source and means of traffic 01:58
Understand the reference traffic 03:21
Social media reports 02:51
Create custom campaigns 03:35
Linking Google Analytics with the search console 03:14
Reports from the search console 02:60

Google AdWords reports
Google Analytics is the perfect complement to know what happens in your Google AdWords campaigns after the click. In this chapter you will learn how to link and make actionable decisions based on Google AdWords reports in Google Analytics.

Link Google AdWords and Google Analytics 02:02
Use the Google AdWords reports 04:45

Behavior reports
Behavior reports tell us exactly what users do on our site. In this chapter you will learn how to evaluate the performance of your site and content through different interaction reports.

Analyzing the main content metrics 03:12
Use the content breakdown 01:42
Evaluate the landing pages 02:34
Analyze the exit pages 01:21
Site speed report 02:53
Set up the search on the site 01:45
Understand the search reports on the site 02:37
Report and configuration of events 03:06

Conversion reports in Google Analytics
Conversion reports are the next step you must take to get the most out of Google Analytics. In this chapter you will learn more about the objectives and how to do a thorough follow-up of them that allows you to detect optimization opportunities.

Load a goal in Google Analytics 04:59
Understand the objective report 04:00
What are e-commerce reports 03:09

Share data in Google Analytics
Google Analytics has different alternatives to share data, reports and access. In this chapter you will learn how to import and share data and settings from your Google Analytics account.

Manage permissions and access 03:01
Send reports via email 03:35
Import and share reports, dashboards and segments 03:55

Other useful reports and functionalities
Efficiency is key when dedicating resources to those tasks of greater value or impact. In this chapter you will learn a series of additional functionalities that will allow you to be more efficient when using Google Analytics.

Using real-time reports 01:57
Create Intelligence alerts 03:18
Create dashboards 04:29
Delete and import properties and views 03:35

Dismissal of the course Google Analytics Fundamentals
You have completed a great part of the journey. Now continue learning to take your analytical skills to the next level. In this video I want to share some complementary resources with you.

How to keep learning 01:13

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    Essential Google Analytics Course

    Essential Google Analytics Course

    Learn how to measure the important part of your "Data" Web with essential Google Analytics. Measure and improve your website data

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