Essential CSS


Learn the fundamental concepts of CSS by combining the explanation of concepts with fully practical demonstrations.

Essential CSS Course

CSS is the presentation language for the web. While with HTML the structure of the content of a website is defined, with CSS the presentation layer is defined and applied corresponding to characteristics such as colors, fonts, sizes, etc. In this course you will learn the fundamental concepts of CSS combining the explanation of concepts with fully practical demonstrations.

In this chapter we will present how the base files of the course can be used.

    Core files of CSS Fundamentals 01:40

CSS basics

We will know the fundamental concepts of the CSS language.

    What is CSS 05:21
    Default styles of browsers 02:16
    Syntax of the CSS language 02:08
    CSS syntax in practice 04:41
    Types of basic selectors in CSS 05:55
    Basic type selectors in practice 12:09
    Recommendations to work with HTML 01:30
    Location of CSS styles 02:07
    Location of CSS styles in practice 05:53
    How CSS styles are applied by browsers 09:08
    Differences of interpretation 01:52

CSS specifications

In this chapter we will know the specifications of the CSS language.

    Short story of CSS 02:40
    Exploring and reading the CSS specifications 03:14
    Verify browser support 05:00

Common CSS concepts

In this chapter we will know the most common CSS properties to format the elements that are part of a web page.

    Work with web fonts 05:29
    Formatting text with CSS 04:24
    Work with text in practice 05:15
    More text properties 05:17
    Box model in CSS 02:52
    Margins and pads in CSS 06:23
    Use borders in CSS 04:02
    The box model in practice 10:15
    Backgrounds in CSS 02:36
    Work with color in CSS 05:06
    Contours and background images in practice 07:50
    Units of measurement used in CSS 04:06
    Positioning elements in CSS 05:15
    Floating elements in CSS 04:02
    What is CSS3 03:47
    Owner prefixes in CSS 01:40
    Create a basic structure of a web design 09:21

Publishers and web resources

In this chapter we will get to know the code editors and some web resources.

    Code editors 01:48
    Available web resources 03:20

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    Content: 34 Videos
    Duration: 2:38 hours
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    Essential CSS

    Essential CSS

    Learn the fundamental concepts of CSS by combining the explanation of concepts with fully practical demonstrations.

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