Ecommerce development with PHP


Learn how to create an online sales platform with PHP. Learn to integrate PayPal with one of the most popular languages on the web.

Learn how to create an online sales platform with PHP. Learn to integrate PayPal with one of the most popular languages on the web.

Learn to integrate charging with debit and credit cards using PHP. In the course we will work with Laravel and integrate collections using the PayPal API. We will simulate the development of a physical products store, we will work on processing the sale and registering the shipment. We will work without waiting or taking for granted that you have previous knowledge in backend development. From 0 to upload your sales platform to the internet.

At the end of this course you will learn

    Best practices in PHP
Laravel 5.3
How to integrate PayPal with Laravel
How to process payments with PayPal
Registration of orders
Inline edition
Bootstrap Material Design
Sending mail
Better practices

Content of the Ecommerce Development with PHP Course:


1.- Presentation
2.- Why PHP
3.- Laravel
4.- Install PHP with XAMPP
5.- Add PHP to PATH (unix)
6.- Add PHP to the PATH (windows)
7.- Install composer
8.- Install Laravel

First steps and authentication

9.- Create project
10.- Configure database
11.- Authentication
12.- Bootstrap Material Design
13.- Layouts and blade
14.- My first sight
15.- Configure gulp


16.- REST
17.- Create migrations
18.- Resource controllers
19.- Show products
20.- Create products
21.- Save products
22.- Partials and data update form
23.- Update product
24.- Remove product
25.- Show product

Shopping cart

26.- Table and model shopping cart
27.- Search or create shopping cart
28.- Save cart in a session
29.- Providers and view composers
30.- Create pivot table
31.- HasMany and BelongsToMany
32.- Routes resource (only)
33.- Add to shopping cart
34.- Obtain data from the cart
35.- Show shopping cart


36.- Create an app in PayPal
37.- Install and configure library
38.- Account configuration
39.- Generate collection
40.- Send request for payment
41.- Execute collection

Order management

42.- Table of orders
43.- Save order data
44.- Show data of the order
45.- Generate non-consecutive IDs
46.- Permalink of orders
47.- Show orders of the month
48.- Sales data
49.- Update with x-editable
50.- Update and CsrfToken


51.- Authentication in administrator sections
52.- Search for middleware cart
53.- Protect user registration


54.- Configure mail server
55.- Hello world in email
56.- Details of the order in the email
57.- Email template
58.- Email in data update
59.- Model events

Store improvements

60.- Buy button
61.- Upload of images
62.- Serve uploaded images
63.- Show products in the home
64.- Pagination
65.- AJAX
66.- Update product counter

Deploy hosting cloud

67.- Server in DigitalOcean
68.- Install dependencies
69.- Upload project to the server
70.- Install MariaDB
71.- Env file and migrations
73.- Nginx Configuration

Deploy shared hosting

74.- Upload files via FTP
75.- Upload and configure public folder
76.- Configure database
77.- Final modifications

Paypal production

78.- Obtain production credentials
79.- Modifications shared hosting
80.- Modifications of cloud hosting

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Ecommerce development with PHP



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    Ecommerce development with PHP

    Ecommerce development with PHP

    Learn how to create an online sales platform with PHP. Learn to integrate PayPal with one of the most popular languages on the web.

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