Development Course for Android App optimized for tablet


In this Android development course, you'll learn how to create an Android tablet-optimized app


Information about: Development for Android

In this development course for Android, you will learn how to create an app optimized for Android tablet

Learn to create an Android application with the two most important approaches: for phones and tablets, which has a good performance, offers a good user experience and meets the standards established for this functionality. In this course you will learn to use fragments, interfaces, layouts, flux, applying it in a professional and clear example so that you understand the concepts and see how to implement each of the relevant elements in the creation of an app for mobile and tablet.

Introduction to Practical example of development for Android

In this module we will give a presentation of the course and cover the installation of Java JDK and Android Studio for the development of the application and visit the official documentation to give some points of recommendations to start.

    -Course presentation Create an Android app for tablets 03:43
    -Work with Android 02:03
    -Download and use Java JDK 03:15
    -Download Android Studio 05:30
    -Official Android documentation 03:56

Android Studio and start the project

In this module we will learn about the Android Studio development environment and configure the key parts to start developing applications. We will also create two emulators, one for phones and another for tablets.

    -Introduction to Android Studio 03:22
    -What is SDK Manager 05:10
    -Create a project with Android 04:27
    -Android Studio Tools 07:28
    -Phone emulator on Android 08:25
    -Tablet emulator on Android 04:10

Master Detail, activities and fragments

In this module we will analyze the key concepts in the development of applications such as activities and fragments, analyze the life cycle of each of these and mention the nature of the behavior of Master Detail.

    -What is an activity on Android 04:29
    -What is a fragment for Android 03:15
    -Create a fragment on Android 05:25
    -What it is and how to use Master Detail 01:45
    -Activity with two fragments on Android 06:30
    -Complement for Master Detail 05:49
    -Fragments that share activity on Android 07:25

SQLite databases

In this module we will touch on topics related to databases, we will use an SQLite database to create a database that can be kept inside a phone and we will create tables and insert information in it to use in the following modules.

    -Create the database with SQLite 04:59
    -Insert data into a database used on Android 03:41
    -Placing the database in Android Studio 01:01
    -Create queries to the database from Android 08:21
    -Validation and search in the Android database 07:59
    -Methods search and update on Android 05:50

What is RecyclerView

In this module we will touch some elements like the RecyclerView, which are closely related to elements of the Material Design cut. We will talk about the guidelines involved and what should be done to do it correctly.

    -RecyclerView on Android 03:33
    -Declaring a RecyclerView on Android 06:57
    -What is the adapter for a RecyclerView 08:00
    -Handling information with RecyclerView 07:04
    -Add information to RecyclerView 03:29
    -Common mistakes in the information of the RecyclerView 07:13
    -Design of the elements of the RecyclerView 03:11

Details of our application with Android

In this module we will conclude the development of the application and we will see the key concepts such as the call back and communication and information exchange. We will add the click action to our RecyclerView and we will see the Master Detail guide working, both on a tablet and on a telephone.

    -Using RecyclerView with click 04:42
    -Enable a click on the list of RecyclerView 06:13
    -Fragment Communication and Activity on Android 04:01
    -Interface CallBacks on Android 04:32
    -Verification of the click within Android 02:32
    -Run the Callback on RecyclerView 04:55
    -Master Detail with a phone 04:10
    -Final recommendations to Example of development for Android 05:33

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    Size: 511 MB
    Spanish Language
    Formators: José Dimas Luján Castillo
    Content: 39 Videos
    Duration: 3:14 hours
    Software: Android
    Base Files: IF contains
    Date of publication: Mar 2, 2017
    Company: Video2Brain

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Development Course for Android App optimized for tablet

Development Course for Android App optimized for tablet

In this Android development course, you'll learn how to create an Android tablet-optimized app

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