Freelance course: keys and tools to succeed being your own Freelance boss


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Learn to manage your personal brand and build a career on your own.

Freelance course: keys and tools to succeed being your own Freelance boss

Learn to manage your personal brand and build a career on your own.


In this course Martina Flor, freelance lettrist and designer, unravels the nooks and crannies of the labyrinth that appears to be self-employment, providing concrete tools and useful tips to start your own study. Martina, who already revealed the mysteries of the world of illustration of letters in the course "The golden secrets of lettering", tells you now in first person how to become your own boss and start your study successfully.

In this course you will learn the keys to develop your personal brand and you will learn to build your reputation. You will discover how to lay the foundations and maintain a solid portfolio, to communicate what you do, how and where to find clients, the importance of presence in social networks, how to deal professionally with your future clients and to put a price on your work.

What does this course include?

To introduce you to the world of freelance work, Martina Flor will begin by talking about her personal experience when it comes to setting up her own lettering and typography studio in Berlin.

From his hand you will discover the virtues of being your own boss and you will learn how to reconcile your creative activity with the management of your profession as a freelance worker. You will also know what is the best time and context to embark on a journey as a self-employed worker; for this, Martina will teach you to draw a map of the possible jobs and projects that best suit your situation and your abilities.

An important part of the course is about the importance of learning to present yourself through your biography, how to build a solid portfolio and explore the most convenient ways to present your work. These resources will serve as a showcase for future assignments.

You will discover the best way to find clients and you will know some strategies and personal tips on how to create concrete opportunities to achieve them. You will become aware of the need to create an audience through social networks and you will learn how to manage them.

In a very practical way you will see what criteria to follow when it comes to putting a price on your work and preparing a budget once the orders arrive. In addition, Martina will give you advice about something essential for a freelance worker, the organization of time and finances.

You will know all the secrets of the work process on your own, since you receive the order until you deliver the final work, including communication with the client. You will also learn to standardize the processes to build a solid career that lasts over time.

What is the project of the course?

After reflecting on your goals, your personal brand and the focus of your practice; you will create a promotional, creative and unique piece to present yourself to the world and obtain clients.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at professionals of all kinds of creative activities: illustrators, designers, photographers, animators and creatives of any area wanting to carry out their activity on their own.
It is also useful for those who are already working on their own, but need to organize their ideas and optimize resources.


No prior knowledge is needed beyond the conviction of wanting to take the step to work autonomously.
With regard to the materials, you will need a computer, pencil and paper. It is also advisable to have on hand a notebook where you can go writing down ideas, many will arise during the course and will be valuable to plan your freelance activity.

1. Introduction

Freelance = entrepreneur

2 Create your portfolio and be your own customer

Build a portfolio
How to introduce yourself

3 Search for clients

Find clients: where and how
A representative
Build an audience Social networks

4 Being a professional

How to put a price on your work
The first contact
A professional work process
Manage time and organization
Set standards in your work

Final project

Freelance: keys and tools to succeed being your own boss

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Curso Freelance: claves y herramientas para triunfar siendo tu propio jefe Freelance

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    Freelance course: keys and tools to succeed being your own Freelance boss

    Freelance course: keys and tools to succeed being your own Freelance boss

    Learn to manage your personal brand and build a career on your own.

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