Course 2016 Excel Formulas and functions


Aprende con este curso a aumentar tu productividad descubriendo los conceptos básicos de las fórmulas y funciones, para llegar poco a poco hasta un listado de las 50 funciones más importantes

Course 2016 Excel Formulas and functions

Learn with this course to increase your productivity by discovering the basic concepts of the formulas and functions, to arrive little by little until a list of the 50 most important functions, explained in detail and with a clear language available to all types of users. The usefulness of the formulas and functions in Excel is undeniable because with them we will be able to perform calculations and searches beyond what we had imagined. This course is designed to familiarize you with the functions, knowing the most important and seeing when and how to use them through practical examples carried out with Excel 2016. We invite you to discover the possibilities of formulas and functions and incorporate them into your work daily.

Setting the bases in Excel 2016

In this chapter we are going to dedicate ourselves to an approach to the basic elements that make up Excel 2016, reviewing from the visualization of the workspace to the introduction of data and the management of the contents of the cells.

    First contact with the Excel 2016 window 09:34
    The cells in Excel 2016 02:15
    Data formats present in Excel 2016 02:21
    Selection and ranges of cells 04:29
    Insert and remove cells, rows and columns in Excel 2016 03:23
    Modification of the width and height of rows and columns 02:33
    How to insert symbols in Excel 2016 03:24

Formula in Excel 2016

In this chapter we will focus on the element that makes Excel truly exclusive within Microsoft Office programs, which is nothing more than working with formulas: the possibility of performing mathematical operations, combining values, the inclusion of operators arithmetic, etcetera.

    What is a formula in Excel and how to distinguish 01:36
    Arithmetic operators in Excel 02:04
    Learning to use parentheses for formulas 02:48
    Concatenate formulas and text with the Ampersand operator 01:24
    Automatic filling of cells in Excel 2016 04:46
    What are the relative and absolute references 05:43
    Copy and paste commands for values ​​and formulas in Excel 05:22
    Naming cells and ranges in Excel 06:07
    Tracking and checking formulas 04:02

Functions in Excel 2016

We will define what is meant by function within Excel and how they can perform tedious tasks for us in a very efficient way and streamline our work with calculations of any level.

    Assimilating what a function is in Excel 02:41
    The AUTOSUMA command in Excel 02:04

Logical functions present in Excel 2016

The application of logical functions to our spreadsheets allows us to find out if any field of our interest is true or not between the data we handle, and combining several of them we will achieve great power.

    The IF function 06:40
    The functions Y, O 04:37

Text functions in Excel 2016

In this chapter we will review the functions that help us control the texts and handle them at will, either for a more comfortable use of them, or to facilitate the reading processes.

    Applications of the functions RIGHT, LEFT and EXTRA 03:15
    Applications of the functions MAYUSC, MINUSC and NOMPROPIO 01:41
    Applications of the functions SPACES and CLEAN 03:33
    Applications of the DECIMAL, TEXT and CURRENCY functions 03:44


Mathematical functions in Excel 2016

Let's learn to add ranges of cells whenever criteria are met, to make weighted averages, to take root and to manage the decimals of a value. Some of the functions we will learn, such as ADD, will be a surprise.

    How to use the ROUND and ENTIRE functions and TRUNK 03:04
    How to use the SUMIF and SUMIF functions.CONJUNTO 04:42
    Performing weighted averages with the function SUMAPRODUCTO 01:46
    How to use the ADD function for ranges with errors 03:48
    Applying square roots with ROOT function 01:18

Statistical functions in Excel 2016

This chapter is dedicated to the functions that will allow us to make forecasts based on the data provided in the spreadsheet, and we will also review the advanced options of the COUNT and AVERAGE functions.

    What are the functions COUNTA, COUNTIF, COUNTIF.SI.CONJUNTO 04:38
    The set of functions AVERAGE 04:33
    Application of the FORECAST AND TREND functions 04:49
    The new function PRONOSTICO.ETS of Excel 2016 04:41

Search functions in Excel 2016

In this chapter we are going to devote to review the search functions, this is a set very used by the advanced users of Excel and who are responsible for returning data associated with the one we are looking for.

    Jobs VLOOKUP function 07:03
    How to use the HLOOKUP function 03:46
    Applying the INDEX function 03:01
    Using the COINCIDIR function 01:27
    Applying the DESREF function 07:48

Error handling in Excel 2016

In this chapter we are going to carry out a study of a series of functions that allow us to unravel the mysteries of the error messages that are thrown at us by some cells and will no longer be a nuisance.

    How to use SI.ERROR and ESERROR functions 03:41
    Causing intentional errors with the NOD function 02:34

Financial functions in Excel 2016

This chapter focuses on the application of financial functions typical of the banking sector in our spreadsheets, for repayment of loans, or to help us calculate the interest that we will actually pay with a loan.

    What the PAYMENT function consists of 02:42
    Using the PAGOINT function 03:07
    What is the PAGOPRIN function 02:58
    Building the amortization table of our loan 06:33
    Calculating the interest rate with the function RATE 01:52
    Applications of the VNA function 02:54
    What the TIR and TIRM functions are and what they do 04:23

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Course 2016 Excel Formulas and functions





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    Course 2016 Excel Formulas and functions

    Course 2016 Excel Formulas and functions

    Aprende con este curso a aumentar tu productividad descubriendo los conceptos básicos de las fórmulas y funciones, para llegar poco a poco hasta un listado de las 50 funciones más importantes

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