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Learn a quick code with IntelliSense, a debug from your console and work directly with your code repository in Git.


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Learn Visual Studio Code - Discover how to work with this code editor

Visual Studio Code is a multiplatform Open Source code editor with which you can work with HTML, CSS and javascript, or even with C #, C ++, Python or Go. In this course you will see the tools that Visual Studio Code provides that will improve and streamline your workflow. Learn to write code quickly with IntelliSense, to debug from your console and to work directly with your code repository in Git. In addition, you will see how to extend their capabilities with multiple extensions, and all this with very low consumption of resources.

Getting started with Visual Studio Code
In this chapter you will learn about Visual Studio Code in general, its structure, how to use it and how to start using it. You will also learn the difference between a text editor and an IDE in order to identify and understand the differences between one editor of another.

Know the general environment of Visual Studio Code 02:13
Differences between a text editor and an IDE 03:08
Installation and basics of Visual Studio Code 06:11
Additional Common Components of Visual Studio Code 02:25
Extensions in Visual Code Studio 03:17

Learn about the capabilities offered by Visual Studio Code
In this chapter you will learn how to use the built-in tools to write code. Not only is it to open the editor and start writing, the contextual tools provided by Visual Code will be of great help so you can make the task of writing code easier and faster.

Division of the Visual Studio Code editor in columns 01:03
Configure the editor to automatically save your code 02:58
Zooming in the text editor of Visual Studio Code 04:20
The sidebar in Visual Studio Code 01:15
Search and replacement of code in Visual Studio Code 06:28
Tracks and quick shortcuts in Visual Studio Code 05:16
Structuring the code with the help of Visual Studio Code 03:17
Fold and show code in Visual Studio Code 01:14
Organize windows in tabs in Visual Studio Code 01:44

Using Intellisense as a tool to write code
Intellisense is a tool that, in addition to serving to give you clues and help you to write your code, allows you to have customized configurations to adapt its operation to your way of working and, in this way, to make more intuitive and fluid the way in which that you generate code.

Complete Visual Studio Code code with Intellisense 05:08
Types of code completion with Intellisense 01:39

Shortcuts in Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code includes shortcuts for general and common tasks of your day to day, tasks that you can use with just pressing a combination of keys to execute some action of the editor or find faster code throughout your program.

Visual Studio Code Command Palette 03:11
Symbols, categories and names in Visual Studio Code 01:49
Errors and warnings in Visual Studio Code 03:02
Using task automators with Visual Studio Code 03:13

Tips and tricks to write code with Visual Studio Code
Making refactoring is a common task in every development process, so knowing the habitual ways and shortcuts to achieve it, makes your development activity a simpler process and leaves you time to think about more solutions.

Code refactoring with Visual Studio Code 04:01
Debugging: removing errors in Visual Studio Code 04:43
Using the integrated terminal to Visual Studio Code 02:41
Using Git in the code editor of Visual Studio Code 05:03
Customize the keyboard and editor of Visual Studio Code 03:02
Conclusions and farewell course Visual Studio Code 01:29

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    Course Learn Visual Studio Code

    Course Learn Visual Studio Code

    Learn a quick code with IntelliSense, a debug from your console and work directly with your code repository in Git.

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