Course Web design First steps


Learn the concepts of Web design, take your first steps with these tips given by Professor Armando Sotoca. Definitions, tools and recommendations

Course Web design First steps

What is web design

When we talk about web design or about the people who are dedicated to it, web designers, what do we mean? A designer has to organize things; make decisions (such as where everything goes and what can be eliminated), so that something works or so that it works better. We can find design in different disciplines: graphic design, multimedia design, web design, textile design (or fashion), and industrial design, among others. To be a good designer, there is a lot to learn, you always have to be updated and, in general, you have to specialize in one area.

Sure you already know terms like HTML, CSS, javascript, Dreamweaver or Ajax. Web design and web programming have many points of contact, but in general we can separate the tasks of both. Currently we also find content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with which many web pages are currently managed and allow us to change the content of a page without having to know how to program or have advanced knowledge. Publishing web content today can be as easy as writing an email.

The best tools for web design

In the Adobe family we have programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Each program focuses on something concrete. The last scream of the Adobe Creative Suite is Muse. With Muse you can create very striking web pages without having to write a line of code. If you design web pages or applications on Mac, you will find Sketch software very interesting. In all the programs there are hundreds of functions and menus, and we have to know where to click when we want to achieve something. This is something that we will teach you here.

If you want or need to access the code of the page, you need a software with the ability to create interactive websites, for example if you want to start with forms or use multimedia content. The most important tool is Adobe Dreamweaver, which works perfectly with the products of the Adobe family that you already know. However, there are other editors to write code comfortably, such as Brackets or Sublime Text, both very competent. A designer needs Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator or Inkscape. In them you will find many functions and many menus, so you will have to know what to open to achieve a specific goal.

If you want to know these tools, you'll want to have already seen our foundation courses or have some experience. In any case, this knowledge is basic to the daily practice of a web designer.

Where do I start in web design

Learn with us what you want, or what you have to learn, at the pace you want. Take all the time you need. We have expert trainers in various areas who will teach you everything you need, and always patiently, over and over again. You just have to step back and listen to the explanation again. If you do not find what you need or are interested in, write it on our list of customer suggestions. Maybe others have asked for the same. In this case, you only have to click on "I also want!" We expect your comments and criticisms, and of course, also positive contributions, which you can write directly in the programming category.

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    Course Web design First steps

    Course Web design First steps

    Learn the concepts of Web design, take your first steps with these tips given by Professor Armando Sotoca. Definitions, tools and recommendations

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