Course Unity 2D platform game


With this course Learn to create platform video games with Unity 2D. Create and develop your own game from scratch. With the animation of the character and the final programming.

Course Unity 2D platform video game

Create a 2D videogame of platforms using Unity as the engine. Learn to import into Unity graphics already created by the design team and add the necessary functionalities, such as walking, jumping or collision animations. Learn to control the scenario, to create the HUD (head-up display) and the scenes of Ganaste y Perdiste to have at the end of the proposed example a complete and functional game.


Introduction to Unity 2D

In this chapter we will learn the basics of traditional 2D animation and we will approach Unity 2D, a tool with which we will create a platform-type game throughout this course.

Approach to the video game that we will develop in the course 03:03
Know the interface of Unity 04:31
Using the sprite editor in Unity 04:25
Creation of our 2D character in Unity 06:03
Creation of our first 2D animation in Unity 06:49
Add the walking animation from the editor 05:40
Add the animation of jumping using animation 06:44
Work with the animator tool in Unity 03:47
Add the conditions of the animation 06:45
Using collision components from the Unity inspector 07:45
Testing our animation and collision 02:43

Schedule and work with our character

In this chapter we will learn to control our character in 2D and to know how to interact with him. For this we will use as programming language C #, which will allow us to control our character much better.

Create our first C # class in Unity 02:34
Control our animator by code C # 05:60
Detect the collision with the stage floor 05:13
Implementation of the first jump of our character 04:26
Schedule the double jump of the character 04:14
Letting our character walk 04:57
Handle the camera by code with reference to the character 07:09
Modify the speed when running our character 03:34
Control the fall of our character 04:38
Correction of collisions and friction in Unity 03:43

Creation of the scenario and its interaction

In this chapter we will learn to create our scenario from scratch until we reach even platforms in motion. We will add to the enemies and their collisions with the character, as well as the necessary backgrounds and screens to give the video game more realism.

Add new elements of the stage 05:15
Using platforms in motion 08:36
Moving the platforms with the character 03:25
Add enemies inside Unity 03:08
Schedule the behavior of the enemy 02:59
Colliding with the enemy in Unity 06:38
Add our collection items 05:32
Design our HUD in Unity 03:45
Add the background to the video game scenario 06:03
Create our view of You won 06:51
Create our button of Lost 05:12
Farewell Creation of a platform game in Unity 2D 02:30

Technical data:

    Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1280x720p
Size: 428 MB
Spanish Language
Content: 33 Videos
Duration: 2:44 hours
Software: Unity, Unity 5.3
Base Files: Yes Includes
Publication date: August-2016

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    Course Unity 2D platform game

    Course Unity 2D platform game

    With this course Learn to create platform video games with Unity 2D. Create and develop your own game from scratch. With the animation of the character and the final programming.

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