Course SpriteKit 2D platform game for iOS


In this course you will see the necessary steps to develop platform games, runners or survival for iPhone or iPad. with SpriteKit, "Swift, Xcode.

SpriteKit course 2D video game platform for iOS

Using SpriteKit with Swift allows you to create iOS games from graphics generated by a design team. In this course you will see the necessary steps to develop platform games, runners or survival for iPhone or iPad. From the use of scenes through the implementation of collisions, you will see step by step and through practical examples how to take advantage of this framework and your knowledge of Xcode to be more productive through the use of sprites.

Basic concepts with sprites

In this chapter we will learn the basics of creating games using iOS. We will work with SpriteKit to create the project and with Xcode to create sprites that allow us to use the game in iOS, all in a very simple way.

    Creating our project on SpriteKit 06:21
    Load our first sprite in Xcode 05:25
    Multiple loads of textures using Xcode 03:52
    Basic animation of sprites from the timeline 02:12
    Animation with SKAction and SpriteKit 06:18
    Add interaction with touchesBegan 05:40
    Creating dynamic objects with SpriteKit and Swift 05:50
    Basic handling of collisions with the Xcode editor 04:25
    Collision detection using SpriteKit 03:54
    Using system sources and external sources 05:13
    Handling the score of our video game 04:58
    Use the start and restart screens of the video game 04:15

Creating a runner-type game

In this chapter, we will start creating our first 2D project using Swift and SpriteKit. This video game will be an example of a runner-type game.

    Create the scene by code 06:59
    Add the character and animate it with sprites 04:55
    Animate the stage using SpriteKit 05:12
    Add the enemy and cheer him up with sprites 03:50
    Implement the physics of the video game with Xcode 05:11
    Add interaction with touchesBegan 04:05
    Animate the collision objects with SpriteKit 03:25
    Incorporate collisions with the enemy 03:31
    HUD creation with the video game score 04:05
    Final result and final details of the game 02:12

Creating games with scenes

In this chapter we will see many of the benefits of using Xcode as a development tool, as it will allow us to reuse various functionalities and actions within our 2D videogame.

    Creating basic scenes with Xcode 02:27
    Creating animations using scenes 07:14
    Creating animated characters in scenes 06:45
    Creating custom scenes in Xcode 03:17
    Using references in Xcode scenes 02:31
    Handling collisions in Xcode scenes 03:34
    Advanced collisions using SpriteKit and Swift 03:28
    Implement the character's jump through the code 04:21
    Final details and presentation of the game 02:51

Creation of a survival type game

In this chapter we will create a survival game where we will learn to add collisions and lights that will give dynamism to our 2D project.

    Creation of the main scene in Xcode 03:00
    Add to our character using sprites 02:54
    Interact with our character in SpriteKit 06:20
    Integrate collision objects into SpriteKit 05:02
    Incorporate in the game enemies that follow the character 04:56
    Add the camera that will follow our character 03:01
    Add the lighting to the stage with Xcode 03:14
    Add custom fonts in Xcode 05:36
    Presentation and final details of this video game 02:10

Creation of a platform game

In this chapter, using what we have learned in our course, we will learn how to create a small platform-type video game, with enemies that will be waiting for us, and we will use traditional animations using sprites.

    Armed the stage by using scenes 08:25
    Add levels reusing scenes 03:43
    Use the Xcode editor to add our character 02:58
    Add our character with animation 07:57
    Creating the enemies by means of SpriteKit and Swift 05:07
    Implement collisions from Xcode 04:23
    Recognize the collisions by code 05:45
    Implementation of the character's jump 03:53
    Customize the camera from the Xcode editor 02:39
    Creating the coins from Xcode with animation 04:13
    Presentation and final details of the video game 03:38
    Dismissal of the course Creation of 2D platform games in iOS 02:09

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    Course SpriteKit 2D platform game for iOS

    Course SpriteKit 2D platform game for iOS

    In this course you will see the necessary steps to develop platform games, runners or survival for iPhone or iPad. with SpriteKit, "Swift, Xcode.

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