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Learn how to properly use Business Skype, calls, conferences and chats within Office 365


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Learn how to properly use Skype for Business, calls, conferences and chats within Office 365

Skype for business is a special version of Skype integrated within Office 365 that allows to simplify the infrastructure with a single platform for calls, conferences, videos and sharing. In this course you will meet Skype meetings, which provide audio, high resolution video and web conferences on the Internet. You'll discover Skype's capabilities from smartphones, tablets, computers, phones and meeting room devices. Learn how a team has a way of face to face communication, not only between two people, but in large teams regardless of the platform they are using: Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

Introduction to Skype for companies
Skype for companies has a series of characteristics that differentiate it from the service you know, although the basic operation of Skype for companies is very similar to that of the free version of the service.

Skype for companies 02:40
Installation of the application 01:11
Logging in to Skype for companies 02:46
Know the Skype interface for companies 06:09
Adjust your status and visibility 04:27

Instant messaging, audio and video
The use of Skype involves the basic features of the service, instant messaging, audio conversations such as phone calls or the use of voice over IP and video conferencing, by far the best known.

Use instant messaging 04:06
Make a call 03:24
Review and resume conversations 01:47
Accept a call 02:22
Send files via Skype 01:16
Add video to your conversation 02:12

Work with contacts
Working with Skype is to work with your contacts, keep them organized, group them, relocate them, add all the relevant information and have them located in order to initiate communication with them quickly and effectively.

Create groups and manage contacts 01:41
Adjust privacy with your contacts 01:37
Add external contacts 02:55

Organize meetings with Skype
One of the advantages of Skype is its ability to organize meetings between several people including text messages, audio conversations, and even video, so that a Skype meeting allows you to create face-to-face meetings even if the participants are thousands of people. kilometers of distance.

Create a meeting through Outlook 01:28
Create a meeting via Skype 01:17

Use the presentation tools
When you are in a meeting, of whatever kind, you can use the presentation tools to show information to attendees. By being able to teach your computer's desktop, you can also use all kinds of presentation applications to display data as if you were present.

Share your desktop using Skype for companies 02:15
Files for a presentation 01:43
Adjust access permissions to files 03:54
Recording meetings 02:36

Skype for companies on mobile devices
Skype for businesses is also available for mobile devices and tablets as a separate application, and is a legacy of Microsoft's previous instant messaging system, Lync 2013.

Skype on mobile devices 02:41
Skype on Android 00:47

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Course Skype Business

Course Skype Business

Learn how to properly use Business Skype, calls, conferences and chats within Office 365

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