Course SEO Audits


Learn to perform a correct SEO audits, evaluate the effectiveness and makes improvements in the SEO of your website


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Learn to perform a proper SEO audits, evaluate the effectiveness and make improvements in the SEO of your website

An SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of technical aspects of a website to evaluate its effectiveness and propose changes. In this course you will learn in a practical way the necessary steps to analyze and improve your website, from content factors, to technical and reputation aspects. Discover tools and tips to analyze SEO on-page factors. Learn to evaluate aspects of usability and user experience, which may be affecting your performance. Make an accurate analysis of external factors, both your site and the competition in a practical and easy to implement so you can quickly move from theory to practice.

General SEO Review

A good SEO base is the foundation upon which all good structure and strategy of SEO positioning arise. In this chapter we will review each of the essential elements that you must review before going deeper into your analysis.

   - How to use this course of SEO Audits 00:54
   - Check indexing on Google 05:52
   - Evaluate brand terms on Google 05:06
   - See pages cached on Google 03:46
   - Check mobile results 05:38

SEO factors on-page

When we talk about SEO factors on-page we refer to those related to the content and structure of your website. In this video I will show you how to evaluate and determine the correct use of each of the main elements of analysis.

    -Verify titles and meta SEO descriptions 07:10
    -Verify the presence of keywords for a better SEO 05:07
    -Verify the use of H1 and headers 05:49
    -Image optimization for SEO 06:29
    -Verify that the URLs are friendly 02:56

Content SEO analysis

SEO changes and evolves, but content remains the king. The originality, freshness and quality of the content are fundamental factors that allow obtaining privileged positions in the search engines, with less effort.

    -Check the quality of site content 06:15
    -Identify the use of subdomains 05:03
    -Verify that there is no duplicate content 05:47
    -Identify that there is a canonical version of the site 06:58

Accessibility and indexing

The accessibility of your website is directly proportional to your indexing and SEO positioning potential. In this chapter you will learn about several elements that determine that your site is traceable and accessible.

    -Verify the robots.txt 02:59
    -Change the user agent 05:05
    -Verify that there is sitemap.xml 02:20
    -Verify goal blocks 02:29
    -Identify redirects and errors 404 04:10

The link architecture in SEO

The internal links are the pipes through which search engine robots pass to identify, track, index and position new content on your site. A correct architecture of links is essential to achieve a successful SEO.

    -Verify the link architecture 02:30
    -Verify the use of anchor or anchor texts 03:25
    -Checking nofollow links 04:30

Technical aspects and international SEO

The loading speed plays a fundamental role in the user experience, the indexing resources and the positioning potential of your site. In this chapter you will learn how to measure the load time and take the corrective actions necessary to improve your performance.

    -Rate the site on GTMetrix 05:16
    -Analyze the mobile experience 03:32
    -Identify international and language versions 03:02

Links, reputation and measurement in SEO

The external factors of positioning are those that determine the degree of reputation and authority of your site. In this chapter we will review each of them and we will see different ways of analyzing them.

    -Verify volume of incoming links 03:32
    -Identify competitors using SEO strategies 06:26
    -Evaluates the presence in social networks 03:15
    -Google Analytics and SEO Search Console 02:51

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Course SEO Audits

Course SEO Audits

Learn to perform a correct SEO audits, evaluate the effectiveness and makes improvements in the SEO of your website

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