Course Security risk management for companies


Learn how to manage security risks for your company. Reduce threats that may affect your business and react to them


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Learn to manage security risks for your company. Reduce threats that may affect your business and react to them

The objective of risk management plans is to detect the hazards that can threaten a business and develop action plans to reduce their likelihood, reduce their impact and have reaction plans if they happen. In this course you will discover the most common types of threats from the point of view of IT security and data, you will study various technological areas that should be considered and will analyze in more detail specific cases.

Welcome to Management of security risks in the company
In this series of videos we will define what risk management consists of, what origins these may have, we will define some concepts and we will become aware of the need to implement prevention and reaction plans in the face of threats.

What is security risk management? 05:45
Nature of security risks in the company 05:34
Definitions of security risks in the company 05:59
It's inevitable: you're going to be hacked 05:51
Ad-hoc management, nothing of improvisation 05:53

Phases of risk management in the company
In this chapter we will deal point by point with the six fundamental issues that must be taken into account in order to implement a successful risk management plan that is capable of evolving organically.

Scope of the plan against security risks 05:12
Identification of security risks in the company 05:09
Security risk assessment in the company 05:25
What to do when you have evaluated the risks 05:24
Execute the plan against security risks 05:29
Evaluate the results of our security plan 05:23

Security risks in the company
We are going to analyze in this chapter some of the resources and risks inherent to most companies and how we can classify and treat them to improve our situation with respect to said threats.

ICS and the Internet of things 05:47
Bring your own device and the security risks 05:27
Security with mobile phone terminals 06:15
Denial of service attacks 07:09
Exfiltration of company data 06:13
Passwords in the company, its construction and renovation 07:46

Security measures and prevention against attacks
The materialization of the threats against our computer resources can completely paralyze our business activity, so it is important to minimize the chances of this happening and know how to react if it happens.

Preventative security measures in the company 05:49
Risk Management Methodologies and COBIT 06:23
Generic preventive measures to avoid risks 05:27
Reactive measures to avoid security risks 05:02

Preventive measures against security risks
In this chapter we will enumerate and analyze some of the preventive measures that we can apply in our plan in a generic way and what risks help us to minimize, avoid or counteract.

Maintenance and update of hardware and software 05:29
Antivirus on computers as a security measure 05:09
Protect communications with a Firewall 06:36
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 05:39
Verification in two steps as security system 05:33

Reactive measures against security risks
Reactive measures, although they are the least desired, are the ones that need better planning since they are applicable when a threat has materialized and we have to cancel it or recover from it.

General disconnection of equipment before an attack 05:02
Analysis of records looking for clues 05:40
Backups as defense method 05:32

Ransomware or information hijacking
In this chapter we will deal with some of the keys of ransomware, one of the most serious threats that exist today for individuals and companies, since the objective is to hijack the information in exchange for a ransom.

The risk of ransomware and the contingency plan 05:22
Ransomware prevention: fundamental measures 06:16
I'm infected by ransomware, what do I do? 05:25

Other help for our prevention plan
There are many professionals who can be useful in different phases of the planning and implementation of a plan for prevention or response to threats, and in this chapter we will see some of these aids that can offer us.

Pentesting or systems violation 05:40
The computer expert and his legal value 05:00
Appraisal of the computer park of our company 04:57

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Course Security risk management for companies

Course Security risk management for companies

Learn how to manage security risks for your company. Reduce threats that may affect your business and react to them

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